Android adds mapping of controls for the Xbox Elite controller over USB

Today having an Android mobile means having a good game and if it is with the Xbox Elite controller with the new mapping of controls added over USB, better than better. You can enjoy those good shooter that we usually share along these lines.

And all from your command. Having said that, usually gives compatibility problems a lot, as it happens with the DualShock 4 controller of the Play which, although it does not work on all Android devices

The same goes for the Xbox Elite controller that It will not work on most Android devices over USB, although this has changed thanks to the new “layout” added for the 169 Xbox Elite model. Which means that button presses on the control will be mapped for appropriate actions for some games.

It has been introduced the new code to AOSP Gerrit so that it can be used and start vitiating with the Xbox Elite Controller, although always over USB, since this controller does not work on Bluetooth.

Xbox Elite

Google has also added the layout files for more Xbox One controllers such as the 1537 model for USB and the 1708 for USB and Bluetooth. With this new addition, more Android devices will be able to connect to the controls of the Xbox From Microsoft, which will save us having to buy a specific one for our mobile.

To say that we don’t know for sure if this mapping will be available for all devices with Android Q, but you can ensure that in Android R we will have it fixed. What would be nice would be for manufacturers to work it out and add those layout files added by Google so that you could use your console controls on your mobile.

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A mapping of controls that we already have available to be able to vitiate with our phones and those remote, provided that the manufacturer adds them. Great news for gamers.

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