Android app that should be deleted from phones immediately

Another new Android app has been found that should be deleted from phones immediately. Name of this app Barcode Scanner. Here are the details,

Barcode Scanner Android appis an application that allows people to read / scan barcodes and QR codes via the camera. That’s in total More than 10 million downloaded apps, with just one update”malware” has been installed. It is not known whether this was at the request of the company, but with the latest update, it has been implemented. Added malware showing lots of unwanted advertisements information is given. In the face of this situation, which was revealed by user complaints by security researchers, Google immediately took the necessary step and the application was removed from the PlayStore. However, the application is still installed by millions, perhaps even on your phone. In this context Barcode Scanner You need to uninstall the app from your phone immediately. The application does not seem to steal personal data, but the ads that appear are both annoying and waste the battery / power of the phones.

On the Android side, 164 different malicious applications were found in the last

“CopyCatz” was behind these 164 different applications we mentioned. Basically, CopyCatz uses the “spoofing tactic” and allows people to install malware on their devices by imitating the names of popular applications.

Many of these apps do not focus on stealing people’s information. These fake apps are installed on the device showing unwanted ads. These ads, besides annoying when they appear, slow down the phones and cause the battery to drain faster.

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