Android tablet that can be used as a monitor: Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

Firstly Lenovo Yoga X to China as Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro tablets that come as Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 as again before us.

Android tablet model Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro, on shelves globally Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 turns out as In this respect, we do not have a completely new model before us.

In order to go over it, this model was first included in the HDMI port sounds with. With the HDMI port, the tablet is not exactly an external become a monitor can be brought.

In this way, the product can be connected to a laptop and become a second screen, or it can be turned into a game screen with a Switch connection. As we said before, this opportunity seems very useful. Many people have been seriously interested in portable monitors lately.

The Android tablet uses a 13-inch 2160×1350 pixel LTPS LCD screen, technically speaking. This 60 Hz / 400 nits display has HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR support.

Stylus pen support with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity on the screen android tabletyour strength Snapdragon 870 It takes from the processor and 8GB of RAM. On the model that comes with a built-in stand 128GB has storage.

New with 10,200 mAh battery Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, With this battery, it can play videos for about 12 hours. The tablet with Quick Charge 4 fast charging support only has a single 8 megapixel camera.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 can be sold in Turkey

JBL signed and Dolby Atmos supported speaker system is among the remarkable aspects of the tablet, and it can also be used by hanging it from different points.

The tablet, which will be sold globally and is expected to come to Turkey in this respect, 679 dollars It has such a price tag. In this respect, the tablet, which will not be very cheap, will be available in the first markets it will enter next month.

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