Animaniacs Reboot brings all the fun of the Warner brothers back

Animaniacs, popular animation from the 90s, will have a reboot that will arrive on the Hulu streaming platform on November 20th

the reboot of Animacs, award-winning cartoon from Warner Bros. which originally aired from 1993 until 1998, had a trailer released. Continuing with the mood nonsense constant and with the various jokes about the Warner Bros., the series aims to bring back the magic and excellent writing for which its original version was known.

Here is the official synopsis (translated from English):

They are back! The Warner brothers, Yakko, Wakko and Dot, love to spend their time making trouble with everyone they know. After returning to their beloved home, the Warner Bros. water tank, the brothers waste no time in arranging funny messes, turning the world into a huge amusement park for them. Joining Yakko, Wakko and Dot, the characters Pinky and Brain, beloved by fans, also return to continue their journey towards world domination.

Animacs it was successful in the 90s for a number of reasons. Its executive producer was Steven Spielberg, already famous at the time for films like ET the extraterrestrial (1982) and Shark (1975), which was used in the promotion of animation at the time. The humor present in the episodes greatly explored and parodied the pop culture of the time, and often famous movie scenes were adapted to the insane world of the Warner brothers.

Animacs he also made constant use of recurring character phrases, such as Yakko’s use of “Good night, everyone” every time a more adult joke was used, and “Hello, nurse!” used by the three brothers in almost every episodes as a reference to the sentence of the Long leg “What’s that old man?” (in the original, “What’s up Doc?“).

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Reboot of Animaniacs will be shown on Hulu

the reboot of Animacs will debut on the Hulu streaming platform on November 20th. For Brazilian fans, the platform is not officially available, but it can be accessed using VPNs. If you prefer to wait for an official launch, the platform is expected to arrive in the country in 2021, continuing Disney’s investment in various streaming services in the country, started with the arrival of Disney+ in November of this year.

Source: Arstechnica

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