Animated film Wolfwalkers on Apple TV +: synopsis and review

Casting bending machines

If we talk about the animated series, then the main characters themselves are voiced by professional actors. In particular, voices of animated characters:

  • Honor Knifsey as Robin Goodfellow
  • Eva Whittaker – Meb Ag McTeer.
  • Sean Bean as Bill Goodfellow.
  • Simon McBurney as Oliver Cromwell.
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as Molla McTire.
  • Tommy Tiernan – Sean Ag the Lumberjack.
  • John Kenny as Ned Thong the Lumberjack.
  • John Morton as a lumberjack.
  • Paul Young as a sheep breeder.
  • Nora Toomey as Bridget.

Wolf Walkers

Synopsis and criticism

As we mentioned, Wolfwalkers is an animated film acquired by the company Apple TV + in 2018. This Irish animation stars Robin and Meb, completely opposite cultures. The first is a novice hunter who trains a crossbow with her falcon all day long. On the other hand, Mebh is a wolf who lives in the forest and possesses magical powers that allow her to become wolves when she sleeps, capable of healing wounds and asking other wolves to obey her orders. Obviously, we see one of the main characters have a mission to hunt down the other. The problem will be that they end up traversing the forest by pure chance, causing almost instantaneous connection.

The problem with this whole story comes from the Lord Protector, who orders to exterminate all the wolves in the forest. It is in one of these forays that the two protagonists meet, creating this bond that is unlikely to be severed. It is logical that Robin will find herself between a stone and a hard place, and she will either have to disobey the Lord Protector or obey him, even if this leads to the destruction of all wolves, including Mebkh. Throughout the story, we will see the plot of these two main characters unfold, which will be full of tension and will surely overwhelm the hearts of many people as they watch this film. In addition, we will always see the Lord Protector, who is an authoritarian creature who has no compassion for his subjects and who will be present throughout history. To give you an idea, the character that is being transmitted is a being who, if you are not Catholic, they will classify you as a mere pagan. This is where the grace of his name “Protector” comes into play, as it is completely ironic.

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Something really positive about this film is undoubtedly its art. This is something that is rarely found in other types of films, it is something almost unique. A feeling of happiness is conveyed, and despair is also displayed. At any time on the screen, you will have something to look at as you will be drawn into some drawings that are undoubtedly exceptional with very successful animations. Whenever you think of these types of films, important companies like Pixar come to mind, but in this case, Cartoon Studios has done more than a good deal to match Pixar.

Launch in cinemas and Apple TV +

Though Apple acquired the rights to Wolf’s Campaigns on September 8, 2018, which was not originally released on its online platform. It was September 12, 2020, when it was released at the Toronto International Film Festival, retaining the classic premiere inherent in any film and bringing that “pleasure” to the creators. A few days later, it hit the big screens in the UK and the US on October 26 and November 13, respectively. Finally, it reached all users with a subscription to Apple TV + December 11. This premiere is undoubtedly a response to the wishes of directors and producers of public recognition.

Wolf Walkers

At the moment, this production has won several important awards at various film festivals. This is undoubtedly a great sign that critics have accompanied this new product. Apple TV + is on the right track.

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