Announced all Samsung devices that will receive Android 10

The release speed of Samsung smartphone updates has never been so high. Despite extensive experience and, apparently, a good relationship with Google, Koreans generally need almost half a year to adapt a new version of Android even for flagship devices, not to mention devices in the middle and early segments. The only thing that is very difficult to blame Samsung is the great lineup that needs to be updated.

Galaxy S10

Samsung plans to upgrade at least 50 of its devices to Android 10, 46 of which are smartphones and 4 other tablets.This will include a top model and an honest budget model. For example, the entire line Galaxy A Galaxy J and Galaxy M. It’s another problem that the company didn’t mention the update’s release date, which means we don’t want Samsung to update at least half of the devices on this list this year.

Android 10 for Samsung

Samsung devices upgrading to Android 10

Announced all Samsung devices that will receive Android 10 2

Koreans most likely start with a flagship smartphone that belongs to the line Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. Current generation devices will receive updates no later than November. Traditionally they will be followed by sub-emblematic models such as Galaxy A90 and A80. They will most likely be renewed closer to the new year, and perhaps postponed entirely until early or mid-January.

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The update process may begin in the coming weeks. According to rumors, Samsung has almost completed development of One UI 2.0 based on Android 10 and will prepare to launch a beta version. It stands to reason that only the owner of the primary device is interested in testing Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. Trials are rumored to start in October and last for about a month.

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When Galaxy S10 will be updated to Android 10

After that, it would be logical to take last year Galaxy S9 and Note 9, the owner is also hoping to upgrade to Android 10. For everyone else, this process will probably start only in the spring of 2020 and is expected to continue in winter. However, some Samsung devices have not yet received Android 9 Pie, and therefore we will not begin to rely on a sharp acceleration in terms of update rollouts.

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Despite the fact that Samsung regularly updates the current generation of devices, the company’s developers do not find it embarrassing to postpone the release of updates to previous years’ models. Especially unfortunate for public officials, who, if they receive a new version of Android, are only in the final shift, which, although logical, is not pleasant, given the speed with which Nokia is updating its smartphone.

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