Another step towards the electric future: Lithium-carbon battery technology

very growing electric car in the market lithium-ion Alternatives continue to emerge instead of batteries. This time lithium-carbon on the agenda.

based in Germany mahle and Allotrope Energy companies for a new type of electric vehicles lithium-carbon announced the development of batteries.

For now electric motorcycle This new generation battery, which is featured in particular, is the equivalent of a motorcycle with a 500-Wh battery pack, according to the statement. 30-minute charging time to just 90 seconds pulling. Yes, with this battery, a motorcycle can be fully charged in just 90 seconds.

This really looks incredible on paper. In order to obtain this completely recyclable battery that does not use rare elements, the team carried out very complex studies. lithium-carbon on charging the battery system 20 kW He reports that he can reach the level.

Thanks to such technologies, electric vehicles in the future “battery dies” it seems that the fear will be completely eliminated, charging can be offered as it takes fuel.

A sodium-ion battery has previously been on the agenda for electric car models.

based in china CATL company recently came up with its first commercial sodium-ion battery pack for electric car models.

Sodium-ion batteries with lithium-ion the biggest difference between cost is happening. Lithium is expensive, scarce, and difficult to extract, increasing the cost of lithium-ion batteries. sodium-based sodium-ion Batteries can be produced more cheaply.

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On the basis of “salt“The energy density level of sodium-ion batteries is not good compared to lithium-ion batteries. CATL researchers use new techniques/infrastructures to solve this and outperform previous similar systems.

According to the description CATL signed solution 160Wh/kg level of energy density. This figure is for lithium-ion batteries. 285Wh/kg up to the level.

Stating that the battery they developed can reach 80 percent in 15 minutes, CATLalso explains that the battery can retain 90 percent of its capacity in -20 degrees cold.

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