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When we talk about computer security, the first idea that comes to mind is cyberattacks using viruses and other malware. Then you need a good antivirus like the one offered by Avast. But it’s not just that. Online data theft, if you don’t use a secure connection, constant online tracking and spying on your activities are very real threats. Discover the Avast Ultimate Pack, a complete protection solution.

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To properly protect yourself, you need a comprehensive security suite. And to find out if you’ve made the right choice, what better than a 3-month free trial period? This is exactly what Avast offers you with the Ultimate Pack. No need to enter your credit card number or unsubscribe at the end of the trial period. It’s really free and without any commitment.

But after 3 months, you won’t want to do without it. The suite includes several software programs, each with different functions that will help you ensure the protection and confidentiality of your browsing as well as the security of your data online. But to fully understand what it is, we will detail the many advantages offered in the Avast Ultimate Pack.

The fight against viruses and malware: Antivirus Premium

To avoid an attack by a virus, spyware, ransomware and any other malicious software, Antivirus Premium will monitor the grain in real time. Everything that enters your computer will be scanned immediately for known threats. The Real Site feature will alert you if you attempt to access a fraudulent site.

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You will avoid personal data theft attempts with the Sensitive Data Shield function, but also bypass ransomware extortion thanks to the Anti-ransomware included in Antivirus Premium. And to avoid being filmed without your knowledge by your own webcam, Avast has added a Webcam Agent function which will ensure that you have voluntarily authorized its use.

And to enhance your security, Antivirus Premium comes with an advanced Firewall feature that prevents hackers from directly accessing your computer by controlling file ingress and egress. Finally, the antivirus has an Anti-phishing function to prevent you from attempting to steal your passwords and connection identifiers. You will thus be more secure for your online purchases and banking transactions.

View Avast Free for 3 Months Offer

Protect your online browsing and anonymity: VPN SecureLine

The easiest way to protect yourself online and stay anonymous is to use a network of virtual private servers. Instead of connecting to the sites you visit directly from your Internet connection, you will go through the VPN service whose servers are installed on secure connections around the world. This means that no one can know your real geographical position, nor the sites you visit, nor the people who would like to spy on you.

By opting for a quality VPN like the one contained in the Avast Ultimate Pack, you guarantee your anonymity by concealing your real IP address, you will appear on the Internet with that of the VPN server on which you are connected. Your data is encrypted for even more security during your financial transactions. This will also allow you to better secure an Internet connection on a public Wi-Fi in a station hall or in a café in town.

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The icing on the cake, since you are seen as being connected from the VPN server, you will be able to circumvent the geographical limitations of certain sites and online services such as those for video streaming which have the annoying habit of restricting access to certain series. or certain films in a somewhat arbitrary way. You will be able to watch the new season of your favorite series before everyone else by connecting to a VPN server in the United States, for example.

Your online searches are private and they will remain so with Avast AntiTrack

Does targeted advertising hype annoy you too? You prepare a surprise for a member of your family by looking for gift ideas online and suddenly everyone sees advertising recommendations on their social networks related to your last search… The surprise effect is a flop ! There is nothing more frustrating than getting tricked by ad tracking. It is an attack on our freedoms and we must protect ourselves against it.

To fight against this continuous tracking, there are not 36 solutions, you only need one that works: Avast AntiTrack. With this tool, your searches will remain confidential, there will no longer be any collection of information about you, your browsing history will be automatically erased and will prevent advertising tracking by hiding your digital footprint.

View Avast Free for 3 Months Offer

Your PC has been slow for some time, it’s time to optimize it with CleanUp

Over the months that pass, temporary files accumulate, duplicates multiply, updates are not all done and your computer begins to show signs of weakness… Planned obsolescence? No, your PC just needs a good cleaning, but it’s daunting to do, not to mention the time wasted dragging files to the trash and downloading updates.

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How about simplifying your life by entrusting these thankless tasks to dedicated software? CleanUp integrates the Avast Ultimate pack to make your life easier. It will daily take care of cleaning up after you, which will save you space on your disk.

It will also check for the latest updates for your apps and system to make sure you have the latest version that fixes bugs and security vulnerabilities. It will take care of managing the settings for you to optimize performance and it will remove unnecessary applications.

View Avast Free for 3 Months Offer

With the Ultimate pack, focus on what you need to do, Avast takes care of the rest by ensuring your security and taking care of your data while optimizing your computer. In addition, it’s free for 3 months, test it and adopt the Ultimate pack.

Why Clubic recommends Avast Ultimate?

  • Security of your PC and your navigation
  • Automatic optimization of your PC or MAC
  • Free and non-binding offer of 3 months

Notice : discover our opinion on Avast Ultimate.

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