Apex data miners discover a new legend called Skunner – Free Application

If you think Peak Facts Revealed By Legend Miners: Think Again. YouTuber That1MiningGuy discovered a new legend called Skunner that was hidden in the latest patch released for The highlight of the legend.‘Last week’s Iron Crown collection event.

The file describes the character as “Trapper Crafty” with what appears to be a passive ability called Light Steps. The ability to prevent characters from being slowed by debris traps or leaving a trail that can be tracked by Bloodhound.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0f87ksIdLc [/ embed]

Skunner’s first active ability, called Debris Trap, dropped a pile of rubble that damaged the enemy, slowing down opponents trying to pass. This ability will work similarly to Caustic Gas Traps, which slow down and damage the enemy while functioning as a cloud of smoke that limits the enemy’s vision.

The file points to the second ability for characters. Titled Schiltrom Barrier Grenade, its ability to instantly create spike barriers from resin. It is unclear if the barrier will be as wide as the Gibraltar shield or if it is somewhat closer to the Lifeline barrier call when aiding allies. Since that ability is called a grenade, Skunner will likely be able to use a shield from a distance.

The highlight of the legend. you may have a long list of characters on your release schedule. Last week, data miners discovered a series of legends, including Revenant, Nomad, and Blisk. Fans are also looking forward to the release of Crypto, which many mystery men believe in the second season of the trailer that launched in June.

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