Apple announces repair fees for iPhone 12 family

iPhone 12 After his family came to light, a curious detail about the phone’s screen emerged.

Apple, 12 and 12 Pro models screen replacement fee announced. According to the official statement made by Apple, the screens of the 12 Pro and 12 out of warranty will change for $ 279. While the price is the same on the 11 Pro, the screen replacement fee for the 11 is $199. The reason why the 12’s screen is higher than the iPhone 11 is the OLED screen of the new model and the protection called Ceramic Shiled. Thanks to the Ceramic Shield protection, the new models are more resistant to both drops and shocks compared to the previous model. According to Apple, the 12 family offers 4 times better performance against drops. When there is a problem with the back of the phones, Apple offers for the 12 model. 449 dollars, For 12 Pro model $549 demands.

The countdown has begun for the iPhone 12. So how much are the screen repair fees of the iPhone 11 family in Turkey?

Although Apple has not yet announced the screen repair prices in Turkey, the screens of the new models are expected to be the same as the previous models. Apple in Turkey, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone X, such as phones with OLED screens. 2,959 TLIt changes to . If the screen repair cost of phones such as iPhone 11 and iPhone XR is 1,789 TL.

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