Apple HomePod model with screen is on the agenda again

tech giant apple, working on an interesting product. The company is developing a HomePod with a display, and here’s a new one detail there is;

apple have had a screen for a long time HomePod comes up with the model. According to Mark Gurman, a solid resource for the firm, this product is far away.

Because this mixed product is still very in early development exists. So it takes more time for Apple to debut. It is claimed that this product can be left until the end of 2022.

So this screen HomePod What do we know for The product, which is not yet known exactly how it will look, will reportedly have a FaceTime camera.

With this camera, the product can also be actively used for video chat. The device, which is useful in this respect, appeals to a very limited audience. This product is not expected to attract as much attention as other Apple HomePods.

Apple hasn’t had great success with its HomePod models

The company’s first HomePod was found to be a bit expensive, and despite its good sound, it fell behind with its smart features. Apple reduced the price because it did not sell products, but this did not help, and the original HomePod removed from sale.

First HomePod like those who did not come to Turkey HomePod Mini it was generally loved, but it did not make a huge explosion in the market either. In this respect, the company is in no hurry for the option with a screen.

Apple removes secret party app from App Store

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