Apple is right: “iPhone 13 mini is the best seller in the new family”

Consisting of four different models iPhone 13 the youngest of the family iPhone 13 miniAs expected, it became the least-selling model of the new family.

9,999 TL, which Apple still sells together with the iPhone 12 iPhone 12 miniWith its 5.4-inch screen, it didn’t get much attention. Many people loved the phone because it was small, but overall, less than 12 minis were sold. That’s why Apple ended the production of the phone in a short time.

However, despite this iPhone 13 Mini launched. The company has once again offered people a 5.4-inch screen “small flagship iPhone” he presented. However, this model is also not sold. It is even possible to understand this only from stocks. While it is very difficult to find 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max in Turkey and many markets, 13 mini is in stock and can be bought easily.

So, as we mentioned in the title, why is Apple right? Apple is right because mini models are not being sold and due to these low sales, a “mini” model will not be available in 2022 despite some requests. Clearly one in 2022 iPhone 14 mini won’t come. In 2022, iPhones will again consist of four different models, but the devices will have the smallest 6.1-inch screen. will carry.

The biggest problems of smartphones with small screens today are battery life. The battery life of the iPhone 13 mini is better than the 12 mini, but the era of small phones still seems to be over.

We Examine Apple's Tiny Monster iPhone 12 mini

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Turkey prices for the family, including the iPhone 13 mini, are as follows:

13 mini:

128GB: 10,999 TL
256GB: 11.999 TL
512GB: 13,999 TL


128GB: 11,999 TL
256GB: 12.999 TL
512GB 14.999 TL

13 Pro:

128GB: 15.999 TL
256GB: 16,999 TL
512GB: 18.999 TL
1TB: 20,999 TL

13 Pro Max:

128GB: 17.999 TL
256GB: 18.999 TL
512GB: 20,999 TL
1 TB: 22.999 TL

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