Apple launched free repair program for iPhone 11 problem; here are the details

tech giant appleThe most popular iPhone model of 2020 iPhone 11 Started a screen-related repair program for Here’s what you need to know;

Official support page here The process you can access is the one produced between November 2019 and May 2020. iPhone 11 covers models. According to Apple’s statement, a touch problem manifests itself on phones produced between these dates. Mainly because of the trouble with the display module screen becomes insensitive to touches. Of course the one that solves the problem for free applestates that no other iPhone is included in the program. You can directly check whether your iPhone 11 is included in the program or not via the serial number. here you can check.

Apple had started a repair program for AirPods Pro prior to the iPhone 11

Official support page here The process you can reach produced before October 2020 apple AirPods Pro focuses on problems seen in wireless headset models. These problems apple by “active noise canceling not working properly and increased scratchy or static noises in noisy environments, while exercising or talking on the phonetransferred as ‘.

Owners of AirPods Pro experiencing these problems just need to contact Apple authorized services. Apple does the necessary inspection here and then fixes the problem by replacing the problem headphones, not the chamber. Normal AirPods are not included in the process.

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