Apple Maps for iOS 15 will warn of bad weather on your route

Apple Maps

With the future iOS 15, Apple Maps will benefit from a rather welcome new feature.

The latter will display current weather alerts on the route.

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Weather alerts for Apple Maps

Via iOS 15, which will be launched at the end of the year, together with the new iPhones, Apple Maps will offer a new feature, which consists of alerting the driver in the event of major weather events on his journey.

Apple Maps iOS 15

Apple Plans will thus be able to indicate upstream a flood on the road to be taken soon, a hurricane on the way or a violent storm to come, for example. Obviously, the application will immediately take care of proposing alternative routes to avoid the weather risks in question, as is already the case for traffic jams.

This function is already functional via Apple Plans under iOS 15 beta 3, but it is not yet known whether it will be reserved for the American market or also available elsewhere (in France in particular).

Source : WCCFTech

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