Apple Music Drains iPhone Batteries Even When Turned Off

Apple’s music streaming app, Apple Music, is causing some iPhone users to run out of battery unevenly. Even when the app is closed, it can consume battery power.

Hundreds of complaints popping up on Apple’s support forums and Reddit, Apple’s shows that there may have been a potential problem with the latest operating system, iOS 13. According to some complaints, the app can consume 95% of the charge in the background.

When we look at the headlines, we see many similar complaints. iOS 13.5.1 people using version Apple Music announced that the application consumes up to 50% of the battery. Moreover, the application is not even active in this process.

Users complain about battery consumption

“A person with the username Mojo06,” he said.

MacRumors According to the website, this issue is not new, but the frequency of occurrence of the issue has increased significantly with the advent of the new operating system. So the problem is most likely in the operating system or it may have originated on Apple’s server side.

While some users force close the app to fix the problem, restarting iPhonesAmong the solutions put forward are to prevent application refresh in the background and to turn off the mobile connection. Some people remove the Apple Music application completely.

Apple will take action soon

Although the methods used to solve the problem are different, some of these methods are different from others. more precise reported to offer solutions. Things get more difficult for those who actively use the Apple Music app.

Instagram Will Notify When It Crashes

To date, Apple has been able to handle large crowds. to the problems complained of He was known for being very quick to react. As a result, the company is expected to resolve this confusion in a short time. Probably this issue will be fixed in the next iOS update.

iOS 13.5 What are your thoughts on the operating system? Have you experienced similar battery problems after this update? We are waiting your comments.

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