Apple provides resources to repair iPhones on your own

Apple has been criticized for deliberately making it more difficult to repair iPhones itself and at independent repairers. Mobiles are generally more difficult to repair today due to more closed designs.

The right to repair has become an (environmental) movement with the basic idea that consumers who own electronics should have the right to repair it as they wish. Apple has now surprised by providing resources to repair iPhones on their own, for those who feel comfortable trying.

At the beginning, only the iPhone 12 and 13 series are included in the investment, followed by Mac computers with M1 chips. The program will begin in early 2022 in the United States and will come to more countries later next year. Apple supports repair or replacement of the screen, battery and camera. The range of components is to be expanded in the long term.

A repair manual and all tools and parts needed can be purchased from Apple. After the repair, the broken parts can be sent to Apple for recycling, which should give a certain compensation which can be deducted from the cost.

The Verge writes that Apple has long tried to prevent independent repairs by limiting access to components, manuals and diagnostic tools, and that Apple deliberately designed products that are difficult to repair and that the company lobbied against legislation that would ensure the right to repair electronics.

The source believes that Apple’s turnaround is not philanthropic, but that the investment was carried out after pressure from activists, regulations and shareholders. You can read more about the background to Apple’s “Self Service Repair” here.

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