Apple should release augmented reality content on Apple TV+

THE Apple is working on providing additional film and series content using augmented reality (AR) in the streaming service Apple TV+. According to Bloomberg, the idea is to debut the feature only in 2021, after a postponement of the original plans because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

According to the article, which obtained information from sources involved with the project, the resource would be a way to access details of the consumed programs. Characters and objects from series, for example, can “appear” in a projected way in your environment when seen through the screen of a tablet or smartphone — much like the creatures in Pokémon GO, for example.

When watching a trailer or making-of for the For All Mankind series, for example, it would be possible to see in detail a lunar module in front of it via augmented reality on mobile devices.

long term plan

The company’s goal would not only be to attract and retain subscribers to the streaming service, but also to gradually awaken public interest in AR. The project runs counter to rumors that have been around for years: that the company will launch augmented reality glasses or even a mixed-reality headset.

At least some of the new iPhones that will be introduced in October 2020 are expected to have AR-focused features. The new generation of iPad Pro already has a LiDAR sensor that can be used to make better use of the format. For now, the Apple made no statements on the subject.

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