Apple slips a handy new shortcut into macOS

macOS Monterey © Apple

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to upset our habits during our explorations at the heart of our devices. Today, it is a very practical feature that has just been discovered within macOS, the famous operating system from the brand to the apple.

macOS users, here is a shortcut that should definitely make your life easier!

A shortcut appears in macOS

It’s Zach Waugh on Twitter, relayed here by macworld, who made this incredible discovery. Now, when you want to save a file in your Macbook, you will now be able to do a quick search without having to scroll through the list of locations in the sidebar. This operation, which could sometimes be tedious, now gives way to a much simpler and more practical way to find your way around.

To do this, once the dialog box is open, type the “/” key on your keyboard. Once done, a window displaying “Go to Folder” will then appear and you will be able to navigate through the various locations on your Mac in no time. Also, note that the dialog will remember your previous searches to save you time in the future.

While it is difficult to really say when this feature first appeared in macOS, it is nonetheless very practical on a daily basis. Hoping that it can be useful to you!

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Source : macworld

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