Apple: there will be three versions of the A14 chip, including two for future Mac Silicon (ARM)

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If the A14 Bionic chip has already shown itself on iPhone and iPad, two variants of the SoC are on the program from Apple. They will equip the long-awaited Macs under ARM.

Taiwanese media China Timeswhich is based on sources from production chains, revealed a roadmap from Apple regarding its new A14 SoC engraved in 5 nm.

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The document first mentions the standard A14 chip, codenamed “Sicilian”, which we already know since it is present in the iPad Air 2020 as well as in the iPhone 12 just launched.

But above all, we learn more about the upcoming Apple Silicon chips and the transition initiated by the Apple brand to the ARM architecture. The next iPad Pro would thus ship an A14X SoC, code name Tonga, and at least one MacBook model will also be entitled to it very soon. It would be a priori the 12-inch MacBook, although a 16-inch MacBook Pro is also expected at the end of the year.

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Another chip, A14T this time, codenamed “Mt. Jade”, would equip the first iMacs under ARM. This time, we may have to wait until 2021 to see the first Apple Silicon iMac on the market. The report also suggests that an Apple GPU (Lifuka) is in the works, with a view to equipping future iMacs.

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2021 will therefore be a turning point for Apple, which has finally succeeded in gaining its independence from Intel, whose component quality has left something to be desired in recent years. We are entering a new era for Macs, which are turning an important page in their history.

According to information from China TimesApple is already planning to use the same formula for its next generation of chips, with three versions available: A15, A15X and A15T.

Source : 9TB5Mac

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