Apple thought significantly more people wanted a small iPhone [Konkurrensen]

Interest here at Swedroid is great for small top models, according to informal surveys. Last summer, 74% said they would be interested in a “slim 5.4-incher with high performance.”

The iPhone 12 Mini was also the one of Apple’s new iPhones that most people said they would get last fall. As previously reported, however, interest in small iPhones has been lacking in the market overall. The iPhone 12 Mini should have only represented 5% of iPhone 12 sales in the first two weeks of the year.

Now, Nikkei Asia reports that production of the iPhone 12 Mini will be reduced by at least 70% in the first half of the year, as Apple greatly overestimated demand. Apple is also alleged to have asked suppliers to temporarily stop producing iPhone 12 Mini components.

The relatively cool interest speaks against the fact that Android manufacturers will release an equivalent and it is possible that Apple will not even launch a sequel to the Mini this fall.

Apple Announces iPhone 12s Arrive in Stores

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