Apple Turkey shared: “iPhone 14 queue and first people to buy from phones”

Sales started in Turkey iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max met with its first users today. Apple photos about it shared.

September 7 The products introduced at the event were opened to pre-order last week. iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models, It is now available as normal. Shared about it Apple Turkey, Along with the photos above, he said: “On the morning of September 23, users met the iPhone 14 family for the first time in Turkey at the Apple Bagdat Street store. Users who lined up some at midnight and some early in the morning shared the excitement of meeting with their new iPhones, which they were eagerly waiting for.

Cem Kayakök, Gamze Gizem Sarı and Mahi Aziz, who came from Tuzla at 05.00 in the morning, stated that they met each other while taking pictures with their iPhones and that they like to use the new model every year. Choosing the 14 Pro Max Deep Purple color, Cem states that he especially prefers the new launch color and is excited to experience Dynamic Island and new photography features.

Software developer Büşra Çeçe states that he got in line at 12:00 the night before and wants to use the 13 Pro Max Deep Purple model as soon as possible. Stating that the technical and camera features of the phone are very important to her, Büşra said that she will start using her new iPhone immediately and will do it with the photos she will take with the iPhone 14 Pro Max in her first business presentation.

Kemal Kılıç, who came to Apple Bağdat Caddesi for the iPhone 14 Pro Max early in the morning from Gebze, says he is very happy to switch from the iPhone 8 Plus and wants to be more active on social media thanks to its new camera and video features. He adds that he especially likes the fact that the videos will be shot without shaking with the new Motion Mode.

Ayşenur Çağlayan, a teacher living in Istanbul, is excited to switch from iPhone 8 Plus to iPhone 14 Pro Max and is very confident in her new iPhone when it comes to photography, which she and her husband do as a hobby. He states that they are currently using a DSLR camera, but as a result of their research, the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro Max gives better results. Ayşenur, who states that she is happy that they will not take a tripod on her nature photography travels, states that she also uses the iOS ecosystem very effectively.

Ayşenur Kaya, who got in line early in the morning because she could not find an appointment, is switching from iPhone 11 to iPhone 14 Pro Max. Ayşenur, a content producer on social media, says that it is important to take quality photos and videos for her job. Ayşenur, who thinks that she will produce enjoyable content with the new Motion Mode, states that she is looking forward to trying the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple Turkey iPhone 14

Volkan Özcan, who lives in Istanbul, states that he buys a new iPhone model every year, so he gets in line at 01:00 the night before. Stating that he was afraid of not getting an appointment but wanted to be one of the first users, Volkan preferred the iPhone 13 Pro Max Deep Purple color.

If we look at Turkey prices again, iPhone 14 30,999 TLIt starts from. Starting price for 14 Plus 34.999 TL. Getting Started for 14 Pro 39,999 TL. 14 Pro Max on the other hand 43,999 TLIt starts from. This model goes up to an incredible 57 thousand TL at the top.

Apple kicks off the new era of security in full with iOS 14.5

Looks pretentious and generally liked AirPods Pro 2 model in Turkey 5,399 TL. The starting price for the $800 Watch Ultra is full due to eSIM taxes. 27,999 TL. Watch Series 8 starting price 9,299 TL. If the Watch SE 2 is the starting price 5.999 TL located at the level. Here are the special statements from the company for new Apple products:

Apple Watch Series 8: Apple Watch Series 8 features best-in-class health features, including an innovative temperature sensor, and Traffic Accident Detection for serious traffic accidents.

Apple Watch SE: The redesigned Apple Watch SE offers the core Apple Watch experience at a new starting price.

New AirPods: AirPods Pro now offers unrivaled sound quality, enhanced Active Noise Cancellation, and new features for even more convenience.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus: Adding a new and larger 6.7-inch size to the popular 6.1-inch design, the new models come with a new dual-camera system, Traffic Accident Detection, a smartphone industry first with Emergency SOS via satellite, and the longest battery life ever on an iPhone.

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro: Both models feature an Always-On display, a 48MP camera for the first time on an iPhone, Traffic Accident Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite, and offer a new and innovative way to receive activities and notifications thanks to Dynamic Island.

Apple Watch Ultra: Inspired by the most extreme activities, Apple introduced a revolutionary new design with groundbreaking features.

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