Apple Watch Imported Series 5 only depends on Apple to work on Brazilian carriers

A few weeks ago, shortly after the release of the new generation of iPhone and Apple Watch, we comment on the limitations of each device in Brazilian territory when importing from the US.

Recalling quickly, in the case of iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and the Apple Watch Series 5 LTE, users who purchase handsets on Uncle Sam’s land will not be able to enjoy 4.5G in Tupiniquin lands, as it uses band 28 (700 MHz), not supported by any of these products.

Speaking specifically of Apple Watch, the problem is even worse than we thought; different from the models launched last year, this time the Apple decided to work with the same bands for any market – that is, even if the device is purchased in Europe, it will not have support for the Brazilian 4.5G.

However, the European model has at least the advantage of having a socket in the format used here in Brazil, and this is something that should be taken into consideration by importers on duty.

Anyway, considering the similarity of models sold worldwide, it is curious to know that the Series 5 is not yet compatible with the mobile operators here in Brazil.

The information was passed by the Mac Magazine website in a recent publication where two users were unable to activate their imported watches upon returning to Brazil from a recent trip to the US – on the other hand, a user who purchased the device in France was able to activate it. in the Brazilian cellular network with the operator Claro.

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It is important to understand that, unlike the Series 4 LTE launched in the US last year, incompatibility with Brazilian carriers this is not a technical hardware limitationbut rather one that was imposed by itself Apple in watchOS, that is, it may be removed in the future.

There is a possibility that this block is just to prevent sales of Apple Watch in the US cannibalize that of other markets – and even the apple may not even support US-imported LTE models here in Brazil.

Another possibility is that the apple has opted to limit support to local carriers until the official arrival of the Apple Watch Series 5 in Brazil (yes, it has not won commercial release here yet).

Anyway, we will have to wait for the arrival of watchOS 6.1 (which has already won its first beta) to see if anything changes in the clocks.

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