Apple will fix the annoying Bluetooth problem of its Mac M1s

mac mini M1

Apple is currently working on a fix for its new M1 Macs.

A patch aimed at fixing an annoying issue related to Bluetooth…

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The Bluetooth of the Mac Mini M1 soon repaired?

As powerful as it is, Apple’s recent Mac Mini M1 suffers from a serious problem related to its Bluetooth connectivity. Indeed, many users report connection problems with wireless keyboards and mice, with a Mac that is particularly capricious (and unstable) on this subject.

Some users report in particular wild disconnections from their peripherals, while others demonstrate serious malfunctions and other latencies, particularly at the level of wireless keyboards.

Even today, Apple hasn’t offered any fix, so users are forced to work on a fallback solution themselves. However, according to Ian Bogost (who resolved his issue using the Logitech dongle), Apple will soon release a software update that should (hopefully) eradicate the issue once and for all.

An update that will be welcomed with real pleasure by all users who are still struggling today to associate a keyboard, a mouse or even an audio device with their Mac Mini.

It now remains to wait wisely until the next 11.2 update of macOS Big Sur, which should also resolve other concerns and further optimize Apple’s software.

Source : MacRumors

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