Applocker Protects Access to Apps on iPhone 5s with the Fingerprint

One of the great features of the iPhone 5s is the Touch ID, which is why tweak developers are working on the development and adaptation of tweaks to this new feature. In this case we bring you AppLocker, a tweak that has been around for a long time that, thanks to the Touch ID, meets unmatched conditions of practicality and safety.

AppLocker-iOS-7-Tweak "src =" "width =" 600 "height =" 350 "srcset =" 600w, /2014/01/AppLocker-iOS-7-Tweak-145x85.jpg 145w, 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px "/></p><h2>AppLocker for iPhone 5S Protects Access to Apps with the Fingerprint</h2><p>Now, thanks to this tweak we can prevent the applications we have on our device with iOS 7 and Jailbreak, are used by anyone.</p><div class=

Once we have installed AppLocker a section will appear in the Settings of our iPhone 5s, in the menu, which is unique and exclusive to configure the functions of this Tweak to our liking, allowing us to block access to applications installed on the device .

It is so simple to configure that, after having installed it, it will be enough simply to select among the installed applications those that we wish to have restricted access for third parties, in addition, it also allows blocking access to folders.

AppLocker-Settings "src =" "width =" 593 "height =" 523 "srcset =" https: // 593w, 145w, 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 593px) 100vw, 593px "/></p><p>When an application is blocked, in order to open it, it will be necessary to use the Touch ID of the iPhone 5s, since the application will be opened after the recognition of our fingerprint. In this way, only we could unlock access to Apps. In the case of not using the iPhone 5s we can assign a password as a security code.</p><div class=

Demo Video of the Tweak AppLocker for iPhone 5s

Then we leave you with a video that shows the operation of this tweak to unlock access to Apps with iPhone 5s.

AppLocker It is available in Cydia through the ModMyi repository at a price of $ 0.99.

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