Are you a speed enthusiast? Check out the new Xbox One bundles

Interested in buying an Xbox One? Do you love racing games and LEGO blocks? If you answered yes, we have good news: Microsoft announced new bundles of Xbox One S and Xbox One X for people like you.

These are new packages from Microsoft consoles that were revealed in the blog of Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Xbox LIVE programming director, which bring a copy of Forza Horizon 4 and its expansion LEGO Speed ​​Champions So, you can take advantage to buy a current generation console and enjoy an incredible racing experience.

Each of these consoles will be accompanied by a wireless control, as well as a 1 TB hard drive. In addition, those who buy any of these packages will find codes to enjoy 1 month of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox LIVE Gold.

In case they get your attention, you will surely want to know their price, right? If so, you should know that the bundle with the Xbox One S will cost $ 299 USD, while that of the Xbox One X will be offered for $ 499 USD. That is, they cost the same as the regular version of their respective consoles. Keep in mind that both packages are already on sale in the United States and their date of arrival in Mexico is unknown.

Now that you know the most important details about these packages, tell us, are you interested in any of them? Did you expect something like that to buy the Microsoft console?

Follow this link to see more news related to Forza Horizon 4. On the other hand, here you will know more about the Xbox One console and its games.

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Are you a speed enthusiast? Check out the new Xbox One bundles 2

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