Are your apps crashing on your Android smartphone? here is how to solve the problem

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Android device owners were unable to use some apps this morning. Blame it on a bug in an Android WebView update.

Panic among many users of Android tablets and smartphones this Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Some applications have simply become unusable, opening them systematically causing a crash and a crash.

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The source of the problem has been identified: it is an update to the Android WebView system software component, which allows developers to display web pages within an application.

This service is pre-installed on all recent Android devices and updates automatically if you have enabled this option in the Play Store. Android WebView is also subject to updates during security updates or patches.

The easiest way to be able to use your smartphone normally again is to uninstall the latest Android WebView update. Good news, with the changes made in recent years to the Play Store and the update system on Android, handling is very easy.

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How to Uninstall Android WebView Update

Head to the Play Store, then look for the Android System WebView page, which is located here. Then select ” Uninstall updates “. No need to restart the smartphone, you should be able to access your applications without problems now.

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Google has also reacted and a fix is ​​being rolled out. If the problem persists on your mobile, the Mountain View firm recommends updating Android System WebView as well as Chrome on your smartphone.

It also seems that uninstalling and then reinstalling an application that no longer works allows you to be able to access it again, but the techniques described above are to be preferred.

Source : XDA Developers

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