Arrived to deliver high quality sound on phones: THX Onyx

A new accessory has entered the market for those who attach great importance to listening to music with their smartphones. This time THX Onyx introduced.

THX OnyxIt’s basically a DAC (Digital Analog Converter) accessory that connects to smartphones via USB-C.

There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack on this product and it allows the use of really high quality headphones on phones. The product can feed these headphones.

From the phone thanks to its own transaction process which significantly improves the audio performance received with headphones. The tool makes a difference, especially in content with a high “bitrate” value.

The product, which has a body that is small enough to be carried at all times, can also be connected to laptops if desired, with the USB-A input connection that comes out of the box.

THX Onyx As reported in the THX AAA-78 chip is used. Breaking new ground in this regard, the product sharpens the sound to a great extent, reduces unwanted noise by 40 dB, reduces distortions and increases output power much better than its peers.

With MQA or master quality audio support THX OnyxIn this way, it allows you to listen to the music in the same quality as it was recorded. For this, of course, special lossless audio content is needed.

THX Onyx is an expensive product for its size

metal body THX Onyx‘s full price abroad $ 200 located at the level. However, the product, which will attract the attention of audiophiles, can also be attached to iPhones if desired, despite the USB-C port.

For this, of course, people need to use a Lightning converter. We’re sure most people won’t like it, but those who want it anyway will be.

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