Artemis program: NASA unveiled the list of astronauts who could walk on the Moon from 2024


It’s official, we know the astronauts who have been pre-selected to be part of Team Artemis.

A crew of nine women and nine men.

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To the Moon, and beyond!

It is within the framework of National Space CouncilIn the center Kennedy Space Center in Florida, that the Team Artemis astronauts were unveiled.

A preselection which makes it possible to find a total of 18 astronauts, with Joseph Acaba, Kayla Barron, Raja Chari, Matthew Dominick, Victor Glover, Warren Hoburg,
Jonny Kim, Christina Hammock Koch, Kjell Lindgren, Nicole A. Mann, Anne McClain, Jessica Meir,
Jasmin Moghbeli, Kate Rubins, Frank Rubio, Scott Tingle, Jessica Watkins and finally Stephanie Wilson.

Remember that the program aims in particular to make (re) walk a woman and/or a man on the Moon in 2024 and to “ establish a sustainable human lunar presence by the end of the decade “.

I give you the heroes who will take us to the Moon and beyond, here is the Artemis generation said Vice President Mike Pence.

Source : NASA

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