ATMs ‘spit’ money after hacker attack

Criminals are using the Black Box attack to make ATMs eject cash without leaving physical evidence of theft. The new practice has spread across Europe, but so far, no case has been reported in Brazil.

Your modus operandi It is very similar to the jackpotting attack, but in this technique hackers use a black box. “Although the criminal still needs an external device, at this stage of our investigations it appears that the device contains parts of software components from the attacked ATMs,” warns US financial and retail technology company Diebold Nixdorf.

How does Black Box attack work?

Criminals open ATMs with a special key, which can be illegally purchased over the internet or given by a bank employee. With the cashier in supervisor mode, an external device is installed via a USB cable.

With this device, known as the “black box”, it is possible to control the withdrawal of money by cell phone, and the theft is carried out in a matter of minutes. After withdrawing all the desired amount, the hackers open the ATM again and collect the equipment.

Bank robberies decrease in Brazil

According to a survey released by the National Federation of Banks (Febraban) in February this year, attacks on ATMs in Brazil reduced by 45% in 2019.

The technology, which is often used by criminals, has also been a great ally of banks in combating robberies. It is estimated that, annually, these institutions invest around R$ 19.6 billion in Information Technology (IT).

Elden Ring: Release Date Announced for June 30, 2020

“Technology allows banks to develop products and services that reduce the need for withdrawals and cash handling at branches, an important tool in the fight against crimes against financial institutions”, says the sectorial director of bank security at Febraban, Pedro Oscar Viotto .

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