Back to the Future: screenwriter explains huge hole in the screenplay

Many in the entertainment industry have used their social media to air their thoughts during quarantine. While talking, James Gunn and Chris Pratt, for example, got into a debate about Back to the future.

Gunn started by talking about what constitutes a perfect movie. “For me, a perfect movie can be different from a favorite movie or a great movie. A perfect movie is something that tells a story from beginning to end, with no obvious mistakes, whether aesthetic or structural. There are no logical lapses. Back to the future it could be imperfect (why don’t Mom and Dad remember Marty?), but I would still argue that it’s a perfect movie because there are reasons why that would be conceivable (time protects itself from unraveling, etc.).”

This question has plagued fans of Back to the future for decades. Then Chris Pratt put forward his theory: “Maybe they remember him, but not as Marty, but as Calvin. When Marty returns to the present day in 1985, it could have been years since his parents might have noticed some strange resemblance. between the son and the high school boy 20 years earlier.”

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To calm the mind of James Gunn, the screenwriter of Back to the Future, Bob Gale, explained the “hole” in the script. “Remember that George and Lorraine only knew Marty/Calvin for eight days when they were 17 years old, and they haven’t even seen him in all those eight days. So many years later, they can still remember that interesting boy who joined on the first date.”

He continued: “So Lorraine and George might think it’s funny that they’ve met someone named Calvin Klein, and even if they think their 16- or 17-year-old son bears some resemblance to him, it wouldn’t be a big deal. we can read our high school yearbooks and find pictures of our teenage schoolmates who bear some resemblance to our kids.”

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This means that Back to the future is it a more than perfect movie?

Text written by Luís Costa via Nexperts.

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