Barilla launches Spotify playlists… to cook your pasta with surgical precision (and to music)


For all those who never know how long their pasta needs to cook, Barilla Italia has put together various music playlists.

Thus, via Spotify, it is possible to cook your pasta to music, with surgical precision, without even having to set any timer.

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Because we never really take the time to read the cooking time written on our packets of penne, linguine and other fusilli, Barilla has developed Playlist Timer. This is a series of Spotify playlists that last exactly the time it takes to cook each type of pasta.

These playlists thus act as “ timer » (hence their name) and borrow unambiguous designations as to the pasta concerned. You can thus enjoy a Mixtape Spaghetti (9 minutes), a Boom Bap Fusilli (11 minutes), or even Simply Classics Linguine, lasting a total of 10 minutes.


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Boom Bap Fusilli, Top Hits Spaghetti, Best Songs Penne…

As you will have understood, each playlist is made up of only a handful of songs, the total duration of which is identical to the cooking time of the type of pasta desired. In Simply Classics Linguinefor example, its pasta will be cooked to the rhythm of The Smiths, Caterina Caselli, Lucio Battisti and The Beach Boys.

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A short interlude lets you know immediately that you are about to listen to the last song on the playlist, and that you must therefore prepare for the pasta draining ceremony. To avoid any disappointment, it is of course advisable to deactivate automatic playback before using Barilla’s playlists.


In short, if you have the Spotify application, you no longer have any reason to continue serving overcooked pasta to your guests.

Source : Barilla Italia

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