Battery error when using an Xbox controller in Windows via bluetooth

We can connect an Xbox controller (One and Series) to Windows 10 in several ways. The first, fastest and least problematic is to do it. by cable … Windows itself downloads and installs drivers automatically, and, moreover, we will have less lag while playing. The second is to do it through official Microsoft The receiver, the 2.4 GHz receiver, is very expensive, but it will give us official support for all its functions. And the third, most convenient and used one is connecting to a PC via Bluetooth

Battery error when using an Xbox controller in Windows via bluetooth

By cable, the remote control will not give us any problems. And if you connect it through the official adapter, then neither one nor the other. But if we choose Bluetooth, we will have problems, especially with the battery.

Unable to find out the battery of an Xbox controller when playing games on Windows 10

A feature that could not have been missing in Windows 10 is an opportunity to find out the battery level of the controller. This way we could see warnings when the battery level was critical and we could replace the batteries or the battery before the controller shuts down and we play the game.

All game-related functions are grouped by Microsoft within their Xbox Game Bar, game bar Windows 10 … And, of course, on this panel we can find an indicator that constantly shows us the battery level of the remote control. Of course, this indicator doesn’t work.

Fallo batería mando Xbox Windows 10

As we can see, the battery indicator on the game bar shows critical battery level while herself Windows 10 makes it clear that the controller battery is 100%. This happens with both the battery in the remote control and conventional and rechargeable batteries, as we’ve seen.

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And the problems don’t end there. For a relatively short time (probably as a result of a recent update) Windows began to show constantly while we were playing, notifications that the controller battery is in a critical condition and that it will be disabled. This is obviously not true as the battery or batteries are 100% charged.

The interruptions are such that in two cases Windows 10 gave blue screen immediately after the notification sound and displaying half of the controller warning window. BSOD error was generated ntoskrnl , that is, a critical failure in the system.

Unacceptable crashes on the gaming platform

If Windows 10 wants to conquer gamers, you can’t afford these glitches. And even more so with the official command of the company. We can understand that, for example, it does not work with a PlayStation controller (since it has no official support) or with a controller that we can buy in China. But with Microsoft’s own Xbox controller … that’s not okay.

Problem Windows sits somewhere between the Bluetooth controller and the Xbox controller driver, as other programs reading information from the operating system such as couples Big picture also do not display battery data correctly.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved as soon as possible, although considering that they are on the Microsoft forums talked about these issues for over 6 months , and they have not yet been resolved, we do not believe that now, suddenly, they will solve it.

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