Battery life will be the priority for Apple Watch Series 7; here are the final details

Apple Watch Series 7 New information keeps coming. This time, there is information about battery life directly on the agenda.

It will be introduced with the iPhone 13s in September Apple Watch Series 7, It’s on the road with the design on the page based on what was leaked by Jon Prosser.

The hour that is generally wondered is the last to appear. center on improving battery life taking. It is reported that Apple is working hard to increase the battery life of the new watch. In the new generation, it is expected to offer a full three-day usage.

Behind the battery life increase in the new watch is the use of the small S7 chip. Thanks to the S7 chip, a slightly larger battery is placed in the space opened inside the watch.

Unfortunately, this situation comes with a downside. As sources now commonly agree Watch Series 7There will be no new health sensors in . Instead of filling the gap opened with the S7 chip with a new sensor, Apple will increase the battery capacity.

Apple will launch a new health measurement sensor for the watch side in 2022 apple Watch Series 8It is transferred to put it. It is estimated that this sensor will also allow blood glucose measurement.

Behind the new sensor that will come with the Apple Watch Series 8 Rockley Photonics will be featured

In the past months, it has been revealed that Apple has been working with a UK-based company on this issue for the last two years. This company Rockley Photonics, As far as it is reported, it is developing advanced sensors for blood sugar measurement.

It is also stated that Rockley Photonics has developed sensors to determine blood pressure, that is, blood pressure and blood alcohol content.

How will Samsung set up the under-screen camera infrastructure on phones?

In this respect, the Apple Watch model that will come in 2022 seems to be much, much stronger in terms of health.

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