Batwoman 1×15: Kate is an assassin? (RECAP)

The 1×15 episode of batwoman, called “Off With Her Head”, brought last Sunday (15), important facts related to the childhood of sisters Kate and Beth Kane (Alice).

We start with a flashback that shows the Kane family in conversation. Gabi Kane hands them a necklace with red stones — which matched her earrings — saying that it represents all the emotions they will have to control as adults.

Back in the present time, we see Alice meeting Mouse in an empty house — owned by “The Queen”, August’s mother. Mouse is under the effect of Scarecrow’s fear toxin. He reveals that the toxin was being used to help him face his worst fear, Alice. Mouse ends up chaining her to a chair and releasing the toxin, which causes Alice to hallucinate.

In another flashback, we see August’s mother trapped by an oxygen tank. She praises Alice for being so young, but then chastises her for making her tea wrong. The punishment is cruel. She pours hot tea into Alice’s hands, cuts her hair and pushes her away. In her visions, Batwoman and Jacob fight each other in front of her, but end up agreeing that it’s not worth saving her and leaving.

Cartwright warns Kate and Jacob about Alice and warns that if they do nothing, Alice will go so deeply into her traumas that it will be impossible to get back from there. Kate exchanged Cartwright’s freedom for the address where Alice was.

Alice desperately tries to escape, however, to no avail. She breaks a window glass and decides to kill herself. Jacob arrives in time and manages to save her by injecting Alice with adrenaline to get him out of his nightmares.

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In another flashback, now a teenage Alice appears opening a freezer in the house of Mabel, Cartwright’s mother. Inside, she finds Gabi’s head. Alice goes to Mabel, rips out her oxygen tank and sets fire to where the gas started to leak, turning it into a flamethrower that she uses to burn Mabel.

Returning to Kate, through Luke and Mary’s parallel investigation, she manages to conclude that Cartwright was the one who killed the other Beth. Kate strangles him to death. Alice and Jacob arrive at the scene. Alice closes August’s eyes as she declares. “Now, her two daughters are murderers”, remembering that this was Kate’s first death.

Kate appears drinking a bottle of liquor in an alley when Alice joins her, reminding her that they need to bury August’s corpse.

Text written by Marcelo de Morais via Nexperts.

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