BBVA Private Banking Customers In Switzerland Can Now Use Bitcoins

CEO of BBVA Suiza, Alfonso Gomez , explained that this gradual rollout allows BBVA Suiza to test the service, strengthen security and, most importantly, discover that investors are interested in encryption or digital assets, such as a way to diversify an investment portfolio despite its volatility and high risk. …

Innovation, the order of the day

Gomez believes that this is only the first step in the world and that his bank provides quality banking services to the world of cryptoassets. With this innovative product, BBVA has established itself as a standard implementation organization Blockchain technology … It also ensures that the supply of technology assets is improved and expanded in the coming months.


One of the most important benefits of BBVA Switzerland products is their seamless integration into the Bitcoin management system application. This application allows you to check the evolution of the client’s assets along with the rest of the invested funds. Thus, this service is unprecedented as it allows you to invest and combine digital assets and traditional financial assets. in the same portfolio … This offers great benefits in terms of ease of integration, verification of account statements, tax returns, and more.

New safe and efficient system

With a personalized digital wallet for each client, bitcoins can be automatically converted to euros or other common currencies and vice versa without delay. This is possible due to the fact that BBVA can work with multiple sources for cryptocurrency conversion , invest around the clock, process orders of any size, and guarantee the ability to process multiple orders at the same time. BBVA also offers market security guarantees so that customers do not have to worry about their privacy and their activities.


BBVA currently has clear rules and has only implemented this system in Switzerland because this country has an ecosystem with a high acceptance rate of these digital assets. Expansion into new countries or other types of customers depends on the market in terms of conditions, demand and regulation.

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