Beautiful details, new features and flashbacks found for iOS 15

apple, WWDC21 The expected new iPhone operating system within the scope of iOS 15 appeared with. Here are the beta details for this version. doing.

All the key innovations here we place iOS 15 There are also some small but important details in the operating system that Apple has not disclosed.

As far as it was found by the developers using the beta version, there is a flashback in the alarm system with iOS 15. The very small clock selection section in iOS 14 becomes large again as it used to be. This really makes some people very happy.

At the same time, with iOS 15, one thing goes back to the past. In the text selection removed with iOS 13 with the new version “magnifying glass“It is coming back. This makes some people very happy, such as the change of alarm. With this magnifying glass, it becomes much easier to select texts.

Putting a built-in Google Authenticator-like verification code generator inside iOS 15 applein new version text size for each app offers selection. In this way, application-based size changes can be made instead of the text size of the entire system.

In the new version, you can also drag and drop the home screen application icon via Spotlight search. It is also now possible to delete apps from Spotlight search.

New version that allows recording 15-second gameplay videos via supported game controllers iOS 15It also allows determined others to access personal data in cases such as death or death.

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Meanwhile, the new versionSpatialize StereoThere is also a feature called ”. This feature directly simulates the Spatial Audio system. In this way, all audio content without Spatial Audio support becomes more immersive.

The Spatialize Stereo system doesn’t offer as good an experience as the Spatial Audio supported content directly, but still, those who try it say they like it.

On which phones will the iOS 15 operating system be installed?

According to the prepared list iOS 15 The future iPhone models of the operating system will be exactly:

-iPhone 11 series
-iPhone 12 series
-iPhone Xs series
-iPhone XR
-iPhone X
-iPhone 7 series
-iPhone 8 series
-iPhone 6S series
-iPhone SE models
-iPod Touch 7th generation

Output of the operating system for everyone autumn will be in the months. By the way iOS 15 after the operating system exits iOS 14 It will not be left to its fate. The technology giant will continue to provide security updates to this operating system.

In other words, in order to be protected from current threats, it will not be necessary to switch to the new operating system as in the past. Actually basically 15 with 14 there is no huge difference between them. That’s why this move seems interesting but logical.

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