Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices

Cheap smartwatches less than 50 euros

The first of the price ranges we want to cover in this selection is, of course, the cheapest of them all. We select the best smartwatches for less than 50 euros

Amazfit Neo

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 9

Let’s start with the cheapest watch of all: Amazfit neo … This model, which we can buy for about 30 euros, will not be the only one from this manufacturer (we have already covered it). This is a variant with a very simple aesthetic, recreating the CASIO design we all had as children. Black and white watch with a battery that lasts about 28 days and which, in addition, is able to measure heart rate, sleep quality, receive notifications or follow us during training.

Realme watches

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 10

Another very interesting model in this section of the cheapest is Realme Watch … A smartwatch with a 1.4-inch color screen, on which we can see, in addition to time, various data about our daily physical activity, weather and other important data. It has sensors to measure heart rate, sleep quality, and blood oxygen saturation. Its 160mAh battery lasts up to 7-9 days. It has 14 sports modes to follow as we walk, run, bike or play tennis.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 11

The manufacturer of the next smartwatch that we want to tell you about needs a little introduction. This Xiaomi My Watch Lite , a smartwatch with a simple aesthetic yet full of cool features. This model includes built-in GPS, a heart rate sensor, 11 different training modes, a sleep monitor and more. On its 1.4-inch screen, we can view all the data it can collect about our physical activity, receive notifications and, in addition, we can customize it to our liking thanks to over 120 thematic areas. According to the manufacturer, its battery lasts for 9 days of use, and we can charge it from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours.

Amazfit Bip S

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 12

Topping the list of smartwatches under € 50, again from the manufacturer. Amazfit , This Beep S Model, smartwatch with water resistance up to 5 ATM (50 meters depth), which includes GPS for better monitoring of 17 different sports modes. The batteries in this case, according to the manufacturer, last up to 40 days of use. All data, such as daily physical activity, heart rate and others, we can see through the control application from our phone. This model is available in several colors, but yes, the price below 50 euros is only black. The rest are in the following price range.

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Smartwatch less than 100 euros

We have raised the price a little to find out about some models that include more features and, above all, an improved design compared to previous models. We went through smartwatches on less than 100 euros

Realme Watch 2 Pro

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 13

Go back to replicate the manufacturer’s model realme With this Watch 2 Pro , one of its latest releases, which will be available from July 8th. Perfect for those who love sports, this smartwatch has 90 sport modes, IP68 water and dust resistance and 14 days of battery life. In addition, it also comes with built-in GPS, heart rate sensor and blood oxygen saturation sensor. You can receive notifications from apps, answer calls, or give us details such as the time of our note. This model currently has a discount coupon for Amazonwhich will leave her with a final price tag of 65 euros.

HUAWEI FIT watches

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 14

Moving on to another model for sports lovers with this HUAWEI FIT watches … A watch with a slightly increased aspect ratio on a 1.64-inch full-color AMOLED screen. It has a total of 96 training modes, includes GPS, 5 ATM protection and up to 10 days of autonomy. Of course, he has a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation, and all this, along with steps, calories burned, etc., He will show us through the interface of his screen or through his application in our smartphone. As we said, this model enhances the quality of its construction with a metal case available in a variety of colors.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

And again it was the turn of another Smartwatch from the manufacturer Amazfit … This time it is GTS 2 Mini Model, smart watch with autonomy up to 14 days of use, 70 sports modes, sleep monitoring, pulse and blood oxygen saturation. The spheres of its 1.55-inch screen can be customized to your liking, and in addition, it has a number of interesting features such as controlling the music on our phone or using its screen as a remote trigger for the smartphone’s camera. If you would like to know more about this, we recommend that you take a look at our analysis video at YouTube…

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Cheap smartwatches less than 150 euros

For the latest price range in this range, we select the models with the highest price. It’s time to show you the best smartwatches for less than 150 euros what can you buy.

Xiaomi Mi watch

For us, this is another “old friend” that we were able to thoroughly analyze on our channel YouTube Several months ago. This Xiaomi Mi Watch , a smartwatch with a 1.39-inch round AMOLED screen in full color. A panel that we can see perfectly in any situation and that we can customize to our liking with the infinite number of areas it offers. It has over 100 training modes, heart rate measurement, blood oxygen saturation, can receive notifications, measure our sleep quality, etc.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 15

A smartwatch with a design similar to the previous one is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active … It has a 1.1-inch color screen and 4GB internal storage for storing apps or music if we want. It has different models in full color and its design no doubt resembles a much neater smartwatch. It is able to measure our daily physical activity, heart rate and sleep quality. It has 5 ATM protection, Samsung Pay for NFC payments and Tizen 4.0 as its operating system.

Amazfit GTR 2nd

In the last Amazfit the model we want to tell you about is GTR 2e … We were able to analyze it on video on our channel YouTubeso if you want to know more about this you should take a look. To summarize, we can say that, despite the fact that he is not the eldest brother in the family, the rest of him have nothing to envy. It has a good sized personalized sphere for receiving notifications or checking our physical activity data. Add a heart rate sensor, monitor sleep quality and blood oxygen saturation.

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Fitbit Versa 2

Best cheap smartwatches: models, features and prices 16

A manufacturer like Fitbit, known in the sports smartwatch sector, could not escape this list. In particular, this model is Fitbit Versa 2 , one of the cheapest at the moment in the entire catalog. Has a large number of finishes and colors. It’s capable of measuring sleep quality, it has heart rate analysis, it has Fitbit Pay for payments, and it has internal storage to store our music. We can receive notifications through your screen, follow our workouts and see the results of all monitoring in your management app on your phone. And, curiously, we can interact with Alexa using voice commands through this smartwatch.

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