Best cheap waterproof smartwatches

In this case, there is information that we must review before purchasing a particular model. We are talking about IP certificate or IP protection, which refers to international standard CEI60529 and which sets the level of protection of any device against certain external factors such as water and dust.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches

The initials IP refer to International protection and are followed by two numbers. The first indicates the degree or level of protection against solid substances such as dust, while the second number indicates the protection against water ingress. Therefore, when we read that a smartwatch or any other device is IP68 certified, it means that it has a level of protection against ingress of solid particles of 6 and a water level of 8.

Focusing on what interests us, and in order to find out the degree of protection of a smartwatch from water, we need to know that the levels are classified as follows:

  • IP x0 : No protection.
  • IP x1 : Protected against vertical drops of water.
  • IP x2 : Protected against falling water drops with a maximum tilt angle of 15º.
  • IP x3 : Protection against rain with a fall angle of up to 60º.
  • IP x4 : Protected against splash water.
  • IP x5 : Protection against water jets.
  • IP x6 : Protected against waves and strong water jets.
  • IP x7 : Protection against the effects of temporary immersion in water.
  • IP x8 : Protection against immersion in water.
  • IP x9 : Protected against short distance water jets, high temperature and pressure.

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Inexpensive waterproof smartwatch

NAIXUES smart watch

This is a model compatible with both Ios and Android and has a design reminiscent of Apple Clock. It has a large 1.54-inch, high-resolution, dimmable touchscreen. It is capable of detecting and tracking many activities, monitoring your heart rate, and even having ovulation or menstrual reminder functions. It also allows us to control the music that is playing on our phone and see notifications and messages coming to our mobile phone. It is IP68 certified against dust and water.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 11

YAMAY Round Dial Smart Watch

This smartwatch has a very striking design with a round dial that can also be customized at any time of the day. It is capable of recording data for 13 different sports, has a pedometer, calorie counter, distance, heart rate monitor, stopwatch, sleep monitoring, alarm clock and is compatible with both iOS and Android. Allows you to receive all notifications from your mobile on your watch and is IP68 certified.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 12

Smart watch YAMAY

Also with IP68 dust and water proof we find this YAMAY model. Smartwatch with 1.3-inch screen, long battery life, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorie and distance counter. In addition, it offers the ability to control the music that is played on our phone and 14 sports modes with GPS tracking. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 13

TagoBee smart watch

We also have a TagoBee smartwatch with slightly less water resistance. This watch with a round 1.3 ”color screen and a metal strap gives it a very modern and elegant look. Among its main features are sleep monitoring, weather forecast, smart notifications and 24 sports modes. It is also compatible with iOS and Android and offers up to 10 or 15 days of autonomy.

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Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 14

Smart watch KUNGIX

This is another watch with a very attractive design and IP68 waterproof rating. The body is made of metal-zinc alloy and has a high-strength 2.5D tempered glass. Screen – 1.3-inch TFT-LCD with three adjustable brightness levels, allows you to see all mobile notifications on the screen and supports up to 12 sports monitoring modes. It is equipped with a heart rate sensor, can measure blood pressure, and is compatible with iOS and Android.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 15

Smart watch LIFEBEE

An IP68 certified smartwatch that accurately records sports data and daily activity, steps, calories, distance, activity time, etc. It also includes a heart rate sensor and is capable of analyzing sleep quality. It has 9 sports modes and allows you to receive notifications from your mobile phone to your watch. It offers iOS and Android compatibility and up to 10 days of battery life on every charge.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 16

ELEGANT Smartwatch

As you can see from the technical specifications, this smartwatch is IP68 certified, but the manufacturer itself does not recommend using it in high temperature areas such as hot tubs or saunas. It features an IPS color touchscreen, 4 original watch faces plus one additional add-on, 128MB of internal storage and 24 sport modes. It also includes a heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring and autonomy for 5 to 7 days.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 17

Masterful smartwatches

We also have this Willful model with a modern and youthful design. 1.3-inch square screen watch with built-in heart rate monitor, chronograph, sleep monitor, 11 sport modes and smart notifications that notify us of all messages from our mobile phone. Model with IP68 certification, which allows us to dive with it to a depth of 50 meters.

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Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 18

BANLVS SmartWatch

This smartwatch has a design that reminds us of Apple, clock. It has 6 sports modes, pedometer, calorie counter, distance, heart rate and sleep monitoring, blood oxygen and blood pressure monitoring, and many other functions. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is IP67 waterproof certified.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 19

Smart watch Beeasy

A sports watch with a more masculine design and a look reminiscent of a traditional digital watch. To sync all data with our phone, the Sports + app is required, it is compatible with iOS and Android and works with a button-type battery that provides a lifespan of about 16 months. It is resistant to water, rain and sweat.

Best cheap waterproof smartwatches 20

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