Best exterior projectors 2020: budget and premium

Best Outdoor Projectors Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi overview of the best outdoor projectors you can buy in 2020.

Movies from the 1950s may be a thing of the past, but the best outdoor projectors mean you can enjoy outdoor movie nights once again. And with so many warm nights to look forward to this summer, there’s no better time to turn your garden, backyard, rooftop, or patio into a movie theater. Grab some loungers, blankets, and popcorn as we assemble our selection of the best outdoor projectors …

Choosing an outdoor projector can be tricky. You’ll want one that’s light enough to take from your home theater to your garden. Built-in speakers are useful, too, but they tend to use small speaker units in small rooms, so the sound can be compromised.

If your projector has an audio output, there is an option to connect it to a portable wireless speaker through its 3 .5mm audio input. This will help give a great boost to sound quality.

The smallest and most portable projectors have built-in batteries, making them a complete all-in-one solution. However, extreme portability often comes at the expense of world-class image quality.

Brightness and contrast are key, especially if you live in a city or somewhere with a lot of light pollution. You will want to set up your projector at night for best results, but the brighter the outdoor projector and the higher the contrast level, the better chance you have of achieving a viewable image.

Also, think about the sources. Are you going to follow a Blu-ray player to connect it to the projector’s HDMI input? You can use a streaming dongle, like a Chromecast Ultra to get a picture, although you will need a strong wi-fi signal to stream or broadcast to the dongle. Some projectors even have built-in wi-fi and video streaming apps.

Uber research shows the platform’s importance in the pandemic

You may also want to save a portion of your budget for a portable projector screen. In theory, you can project video onto a white sheet or white wall, but the image quality will be compromised. See our handy guide on choosing a projector screen for more information on that topic.

Below you’ll find a complete list of the best outdoor projectors we’ve tested, including HD and 4K options. Prices range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand, so there should be something for every budget …

1. Optoma UHD40

The best outdoor projector that combines a brilliant image with sound.


4K Capability: Yes | HDR: Yes | Speakers: 2 x 5W | Lamp: 2400 lumens | Lamp life: 4000 hours | Contrast ratio: 500,000: 1 The | Tickets: HDMI (x2), USB, 3.5mm

Reasons to buy

Strong colors

Insightful detail

Smooth movement

Built-in speakers

Reasons to avoid

Black detail could be better

If you want a high quality image at an affordable price, this projector is just what you need.

It is small enough to fit on a patio table and has built-in speakers. They may not match the impressive 4K image, but they are certainly suitable for the garden. Also, there is a 3 .5mm audio output, so you can always connect the projector to the auxiliary input of a decent wireless speaker.

The Mate 30 Pro would arrive with video recording at 7680 fps

In addition to two HDMI inputs, this model has a USB Type A connection so you can connect a 4K Blu-ray player or media transmitter. More importantly, the UHD40 has more than enough brightness, so expect a crisp, vivid, and silky image that improves as the sun goes down.

Weighing in at 5kg, it’s not the most portable, but we believe the Optoma UHD40 has the perfect balance of image and portability, making it the best outdoor projector.

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Best exterior projectors 2020: budget and premium

2. LG CineBeam HU80KSW

Expensive, but one of the best all-in-one outdoor projectors you can buy.


4K Capability: Yes | HDR: Yes | Speakers: 2 x 7W | Brightness: 2500 lumens | Lamp life: 20,000 hours | Contrast ratio: 150,000: 1 The | Maximum image size: 150in | HDCP 2.2: Yes | Connectivity: HDMI (x2), USB (x2), 3.5mm, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Miracast | Transmission applications: Netflix YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer

Reasons to buy

Truly portable one box system

Stunning 4K HDR image

Easy to build a system around

Reasons to avoid

It lacks a little detail

Movement could be better

Built-in speakers only suitable

One of the most feature-packed projectors we’ve tested, the LG CineBeam is a wonderful cheat box. It features a decent 4K HDR image between 66 and 150 inches, has stereo sound, and offers many sources, both smart and local.

It is blessed with the excellent webOS platform, which means direct access to all of your video applications via wi-fi (assuming the signal extends to your garden), and its Miracasting and Bluetooth capabilities make ad-hoc connections easy and intuitive. to a variety of mobile devices.

In terms of physical connections, there are two HDMI ports and two USB ports; The latter is useful for connecting a hard drive or USB memory with video content.

The built-in 7W speakers are supplied by Harman Kardon, but there is Bluetooth, a 3, Auxiliary and 5mm optical connections for external speakers.

It is expensive, but for those who want the flexibility to shoot a movie in their yard whenever and however they want, this is a fantastic option.

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Best exterior projectors 2020: budget and premium

3. Nebula Mars 2

A smart, battery-powered projector ideal for outdoor use.


Resolution: 1280 x 720 | Brightness: 300 lumens | Speakers:: 2x10W | Reach ratio: 1.2: 1 The | Attention: Motorized AF | Keystone Correction: Auto +/- 40 degrees | Dimensions: 18 X 12 x 14cm

Reasons to avoid

No Full HD

Basic color reproduction

The great thing about Mars 2 is that it doesn’t need another piece of technology to work, making it a great option for casual movie nights. It is a true all-in-one solution that includes built-in speakers, wi-fi, and a variety of streaming applications.

It has its own dedicated app store where you can download Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and countless other apps to run directly from Mars 2. Just pair the device with your smartphone, and you’re in business. You can even download games; your phone’s touch screen works as the controller.

It offers a Full HD resolution of 720p instead of 4K, but produces a great image of around 75 inches. It is very easy to use, with few configuration peculiarities. If you only have a sheet or white wall to see it, this could be a good option.

The brightness is 300 lumens, so this projector works best after dark, but the contrast is good, with solid black levels and a well-balanced, colorful image that isn’t compromised.

If you’re looking for a smooth, battery-powered outdoor projector capable of streaming movies from the get-go, the Mars 2 is a great shout out.

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Best exterior projectors 2020: budget and premium

4. Nebula capsule

A very convenient and fun projector with outdoor aspirations.


Resolution: 854 x 480 | Brightness: 100 lumens | Transmission applications: Netflix YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer | Connectivity: AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast, HDMI, microUSB, Bluetooth speaker mode | Operating system: Android 7.1

Reasons to buy

Neat design

Solid sound

Passable images

Reasons to avoid

He doesn’t like dark scenes or bright rooms.

You need a wider range of applications

Short of connections

This capsule is another nifty piece of technology: a small beer-tin-sized projector with a built-in Android-like app store and the ability to function as a dedicated Bluetooth speaker.

Whether streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer or YouTubeThe sleek capsule presents a decent image to compete with similarly priced micro projectors. You can also stream video from Apple’S smartphones and tablets through its AirPlay connection, as well as Miracast for Microsoft devices.

Image quality is good given the specs, and while the maximum brightness level is only 100 lumens, its color and skin tone handling is natural and balanced, and there’s a solid level of detail for the money. .

At the bottom are two ports: an HDMI connection and a microUSB input for charging the battery, which has a lifespan of approximately four hours. The built-in speakers do a good job, but it’s a shame that there is no .5mm output port to connect an external speaker.

Still, considering the size, sleek design, battery life, and impressive smart technology on board, the Capsule is good pound-for-pound fun.

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Best exterior projectors 2020: budget and premium

5. Optoma UHD65

This 4K HDR projector works brilliantly for the money.


4K Capability: Yes | HDR: Yes | Connectivity: HDMI (x2), VGA, USB, Ethernet, 3.5mm Analog, Optical | Speakers: 2 x 4W

Reasons to buy

Impressive level of detail

Good range of colors.

Improves HD and SD movies well

Reasons to avoid

Dark scenes could be more detailed.

Best avoided SDR to HDR conversion

It may not be the obvious choice to go to the garden, but if you want top-notch performance at a competitive price, this sophisticated 4K-compatible HDR projector will please movie, sports and gaming fans who want to take the action outside.

The UHD65 is smaller than you might expect, measuring about 50cm wide and about 30cm deep. The launch ratio comes out at 2.22: 1 and the projector has a claim 1,200,000: 1 contrast ratio with 2,200 lumens coming from its bulb – more than enough thrust for a light summer night.

It has built-in 4W speakers, two HDMI ports, one is HDCP2.2 compatible, so it will support 4K HDR content and a USB-A port to power streaming devices, like a Google Chromecast.

Considering that there are more expensive models on the market that don’t support 4K or HDR, those looking for a great home theater projector to use indoors and outdoors should seriously consider the Optoma UHD65.

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Best exterior projectors 2020: budget and premium

6. ViewSonic M1

A small outdoor projector with built-in Harman Kardon speakers.


Resolution: 854 x 480 | Brightness: 300 lumens | Reach ratio: 1.2: 1 The | Attention: Manual dial | Focus: No Keystone Correction: Veryical +/- 40 degrees | Dimensions: 14.5 X 12.6 x 4cm

Reasons to buy

Neat design

Low price

Long range or ports

Decent battery life

Reasons to avoid

Unsophisticated image

Lacks shine

The M1 is a smart pint-sized projector with a handle that also doubles as a stand. It’s small, but it includes wi-fi, a microSD card slot, plus USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors, which means you can draw video from almost any source.

The stand makes it easy to project an image onto angled walls, and the built-in Harman Kardon speakers provide enough volume for movie night.

Image quality is a mixed bag, and it doesn’t live up to the standard set by the slightly larger nebula capsule (above). That’s not surprising since the resolution is low at 854 x 480 pixels. Still, the M1 delivers a visible image, even at 100 inches. The battery life is three hours.

The focus is tricky, the controls require some finger gymnastics, and you’ll have to wait until dark to get the best picture. But if you want the most compact and affordable solution, and you’re happy to watch a standard definition movie every now and then, the Viewsonic M1 does a good job.

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