Best iPhone XS Max Cases

What to look for in a good cover

We believe there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new iPhone XS Max case:

  • Design. Each sleeve is individually styled using a variety of colors and patterns. You should always look for something that suits your personal taste, regardless of other characteristics. This is important because it is something that you will see all the time, so this choice should be important.
  • Qualitative. The materials that are used to create a particular finish are really important. This will determine whether the cover is durable and will withstand time. In this case, it will also depend on the materials you want to choose, as some coatings resist more than others.
  • Prices. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important factors when making a purchase. This is very personal and depends on how much you want to pay for a particular case. Most importantly, there is a wide variety of models available and you will always find one that fits your pocket.
  • Guarantee and trust. The coating can deteriorate over time, and most importantly, it can happen unexpectedly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy from a brand that has a guarantee system in accordance with national legislation. This is achieved primarily with trusted brands, although when purchasing from Amazon all standards are followed.

Clear Cases for iPhone XS

The design of the iPhone XS is undoubtedly very pretty, and opaque cases can certainly hide it. That’s why, if you want to show off your iPhone, it’s better to have transparent cases. Here we show you the most relevant ones.


Best iPhone XS Max Cases 3

This case has been specially designed for the iPhone XS. it built from PC and TPU which offers an ultra-clear as well as a durable scratch-resistant case. This is really important, as usually the iPhone is in your pocket or bag, where contact with the keys can exist. In this sense, it is necessary to have a durable coating to prevent deterioration over time.

In addition, the design offers raised bezels for screen and camera protection. This is an advanced shock absorption technology that prevents the screen from cracking with any impact. It also simplifies access to all controls and functions with perfect cutouts for speakers, camera, and charging port.


Fundamental ESR

If you want to protect the back of your iPhone XS Max, ESR offers the best option by integrating a tempered glass case. In particular, in the package that comes home, you will find the plastic binder to be placed around the edges. Then you place the tempered glass on the back, which has a perfectly drilled hole for the camera of the device. This glass has a resistance of 9H, so it cannot be easily scratched.

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The bundle that is placed around it is also specially designed to resist impacts and absorb impacts. First of all, they reinforced the corners where the screen is likely to break in the event of a collision. It also offers a lifetime warranty against major damage or even if the edges turn yellow, which they promise shouldn’t happen.

The basics Amazon

The basics Amazon

The brand has Amazon have an important set of items in your own store. One such accessory is very good quality transparent iPhone cases. It is ideally designed to provide full protection for your iPhone XS by using TPU + PC. It also has a slim design to avoid a significant increase in the volume of the device, and it can continue to be used without much difference.

It has precise button slots for quick access. Inner part the case is soft and absorbs all shocks providing flexible protection. The sides are prepared to absorb impacts, preventing rear or front glass from breaking. In particular, it can withstand drops of up to 2 meters.


Best iPhone XS Max Cases 4

This coating provides 360-degree 3-layer protection. Thanks to this, the edges are completely protected from impacts. This is really important, as any impact on the sides of the iPhone XS Max can break the screen. This makes this type of case with a strong bond really interesting.

In addition, a pack of two H9 protective films is included for added durability. Thus, it is much better protected from device shocks, protecting both the back and the front of the device. This means the iPhone can withstand drops of up to 3 meters in this case. All this with a fully transparent back that allows you to see the design of the device.

Silicone cases

When we talk about iPhone cases, the most common purchase is silicone. They differ from the ones we discussed earlier, with an integrated color palette that makes your iPhone more colorful.

Official Apple

Funda oficial Apple

This case has been specially designed for the iPhone XS to properly adjust the volume buttons, side button and phone curves. It makes absolutely nothing bulky and is completely secure. V cameras are fine too , and it is important that in the event of an impact, the case does not detach from the iPhone itself or that the impact energy is transmitted to the device itself, damaging the glass.

Plus, this case is fully wireless charging compatible, so you don’t need to remove it to start charging with a compatible charger. Inside, you’ll find a microfiber lining that protects your iPhone from scratches, while the outer silicone trim creates a soft effect. This is undoubtedly one of the best iPhone XS Max cases, but it has a high price issue.

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The basis of the iPhone XS Max SURPHY

This case is made of liquid silicone, which gives the user a pleasant and soft touch feeling. Material made for don’t let it slide on the table or any other surface. Thus, it can easily fall to the ground when supported by a firm grip on surfaces. It matches perfectly with the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.

Inside there is a soft non-slip microfiber lining that protects the iPhone from abrasion and slipping, and is also shock-resistant. The finish is matte and the color is clear, available in a wide chromatic range and has a truly elegant style. In addition, cleaning up dust and dirt is made easier with a simple damp cloth.


foundation GOODWISH

Thanks to its thin and very light design, you won’t notice that your iPhone XS Max is wearing a case. It fits perfectly to your phone and has precise cutouts for all buttons and ports. While visually simple, the truth is that it has a sophisticated design that guarantees maximum durability. It is made of liquid silicone to enjoy superior quality, softness and safety while respecting the environment.

Straight edge is visible on the sides, which allows 85% of the heat that the device can generate is generated … This will extend the life of the iPhone and also provide a safer induction charge through better cooling. This is also achieved thanks to the mesh cushion on the inside, rather than the classic microfiber that we see in the rest of the cases on the market.

The most durable for your iPhone

If you are a user who puts iPhone at risk for work or sports, you are definitely advised to have an extremely durable case. For the iPhone XS Max on the market, you can find models that meet these guidelines, which we show you below.

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Materials of construction are more durable in this case for iPhone XS Max. One of the main ones is foam rubber and a two-layer body with a flexible inner part, but retaining strength on the outside. The manufacturer promises that it was impact tested so that this does not lead to damage to the equipment. The protection reaches the ports themselves, which are completely covered by this cover.

The packaging itself also includes a screen protector that fits with the body, remaining fully attached to the device. It also has a stand function, allowing you to comfortably view your multimedia content while placing your iPhone on the table, ideal if you are traveling by air or rail. In this way, comfort is achieved without losing the resistance you have with this case.


Lanhiem iphone xs max

It is a hard metal coating on the outside to prevent any scratches. It’s also a padded inner bumper that absorbs shock and withstands any fall. Its main purpose is to protect the device and it is durable as it also includes tempered glass screen protector to protect the screen from any shock.

While this is a tough iPhone armor, it retains a rather elegant aesthetic, but doesn’t look overly dramatic like other durable cases. Installation is extremely easy as detailed installation instructions are included. To disassemble it, you will need the hex wrench that is included in the kit and you will see how secure this cover is.



A premium, three-layer shell with a military grade of resistance that provides the highest possible resistance, withstanding impacts and falls from heights of up to 3 meters. In addition, it has also been tested to withstand adverse environmental conditions such as in the field or on a construction site. It has Sealing degree IP68 and can be submerged to a depth of 2 meters for 1 hour without any damage.

And if photography is your thing, it includes a prop to support it anywhere, such as a rock in the middle of a field to take a photo or video. The lid is completely sealed, so it protects your iPhone XS Max from dirt and dust, so you have nothing to worry about while you work. The device will always be safe and available in different colors.

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