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From HBO Max to console battles, The Week’s Best is packed with all of the week’s must-see events. check out

Meet the best of the week, a list of the most read articles and the most watched videos in the last seven days. This week a lot happened for those who love technology and pop culture. of tips with the best free online games The arrival of HBO Max, entitled to the heavyweight battle of consoles starring between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, we can see that there is news for everyone. In the last days of May, it still has a list with 12 tips on how to take professional photos with your cell phone.

Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse together! | Showmetech Trio

In this week’s SHOWMETECH TRIO we talk about two lunar astronomical phenomena that will happen together on May 26th: the Supermoon and a Total Lunar Eclipse. Also, a British company is betting on Deep Fake to improve film dubbing. In initial tests, she has already had Tom Cruise speak in French and Tom Hanks in Japanese. And space tourism seems to be close. Last Saturday (22), Virgin Galactic launched its first manned flight with two pilots on board, following the paths of SpaceX. The company already has more than 600 reservations for visits to the space, which include personalities such as Leonardo Di Caprio.

Meteor illuminates the night of England and France; see the videos

10 best sites to download free games!

Do you know how to download free games? There are ways to do this on the internet, with several trusted sites giving away games for free, which can be redeemed on Steam, Epic Games or other platforms. In one of the best of the week, discover the 10 best sites to get free games.

How to create avatar on Picrew; see the coolest models!

If you are an active user of social media, especially the Twitter, you may have already seen some themed avatars created by users there. Making them is relatively easy, as there is a specific platform for this – a site where several artists provide designed models: they serve to create your own avatar on picrew, that is, you assemble it from 0, choosing eyes, hair, clothes, etc.

The number of options is daunting and, more and more, new styles appear. For example, you can create your franchise character Harry Potter, a prettier version of your doll on the Among Us, you in anime version, a base for your character from some RPG and so many other cool images. In one of the best of the week, we’ve separated some of the most captivating avatar models on the picrew and we also teach you how to create the one that looks just like you.

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S: Six months later, which next-gen console has done better?

THE Sony launched the PlayStation 5 for six months here in Brazil, on the so distant 19th of November. A week before him, we had the competing duo from Microsoft: Xbox Series X and Series S. Since then, we had sales records, out of stocks, the arrival of some games (others that were postponed), system updates and thousands of eyes focused on the new generation of consoles. Explaining everything that happened in the last few months, we’ve compiled a comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X/S for you to decide which of them got the better of the first stage of this battle that is just starting in one of the best of the week.

How to modify the keyboard language on Mac

LIVE: State of Play from Horizon: Forbidden West in Portuguese!

Broadcast this Thursday, March 3rd, Showmetech did a real-time coverage on YouTube with presenters Felipe Vidal and Allan Camilo, with comments on the State of Play focused on Horizon: Forbidden West, the next big PlayStation 5 exclusive. On the occasion, AMD presented the event Where Gaming Begins, focused on the announcement of the new Radeon RX 6000 , focused on the intermediate segment.

Learn all about Knockout City, the dodgeball game, free until the end of this month

The dodgeball is a team sport that consists of throwing balls at your opponents, eliminating them by hitting them. With the proposal to transform such children’s games into e-sport, the game Knockout City was released last week and can currently be played for free.

Developed by Velan Studios, relatively small studio (with hits employees triple A of the consoles), the game cross-platform won over the public and will even have a North American competition with an absurd prize 50 thousand reais. Interested in the game? At the end of the post we tell you how to play it without paying anything until next Sunday (30) and how you can do it to get Knockout City, still free, starting next month in one of the best of the week.

How to see HBO MAX in Brazil: see channels and prices

The launch of HBO MAX in Brazil it takes place with a difference of 1 year in relation to the North American market and arrives to compete with other services of streaming already consolidated in the country as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Globo Play. For you to stay on top of everything that the streaming gives HBO has to offer, we have created a complete guide, from how to subscribe, the content that will be available, to what will happen with the HBO GO in one of the best of the week.

Xiaomi tries to integrate a button to deactivate ads on their phones

Best free PC games in 2021!

Staying at home during quarantine is not an easy task. With that in mind, we have created a super list of 10 free PC games on our Youtube channel, available for you to enjoy alone or with your friends. Of course, we’re also dealing with some games made to run on more common machines, as the prices of components to build a PC Gamer have soared in recent months. Check out one of the best of the week.

List of the week: 12 tips on how to take professional photos with your cell phone

Knowing how to take professional photos with your cell phone seems to be a challenge. After all, the task includes inventing new poses, evaluating scenarios, paying attention to light effects and other details. But believe me, it’s not. We have separated some simple and practical tips for those who want to fill the timeline of the Instagram with professional quality photographs. Check out our list of the week.

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