Betray the last secret of the iPhone 11? AppleFactory worker unpacks

Many details of the iPhone 2019 and iPhone 11 have now been revealed in the rumor mill. One of, if not the last secret of AppleMobile phones now betrays an alleged factory worker and surprises – skepticism is still appropriate.

Source of the latest rumor is an anonymous factory worker of Foxconn – Apple’s contract manufacturer (website Zhihu via MacRumors). The majority of the mentioned rumors we already know, so are only confirmed. However, completely new is an information on the design of the AppleCell phones. The unknown whistleblower thinks he knows that Apple had decided to remove the name of the iPhone on the back of the device without further ado. The iPhone should lose its “iPhone”.

With the sizes of AppleMobile phones will probably not change in 2019, it remains with the dimensions of the predecessor:

iPhone 11 without “iPhone” on the case – power Apple serious?

Sounds a bit unusual at first, though Apple maybe now actually believe that the appearance of the iPhone is now sufficiently distinctive – an explicit label would therefore be unnecessary. Apart from the fact that not a few users never get to see them anyway – thanks to various cases in which the smartphone usually disappears. Reservations are nevertheless appropriate to the rumor, as there is no other source to confirm this.

Even the Notch (display notch) will probably remain in 2019, but in the future, the iPhone could perhaps look like this:

Apple want to continue protecting our privacy

Confirmation of numerous rumors about the new iPhones

As already mentioned, the anonymous Foxconn source also corroborates a number of well-known rumors, in detail:

  • The iPhone 11 will be available in another, fourth color: dark green.
  • The glass back is frosted, as so-called “frosted glass”.
  • The successor of the iPhone XS Max gets a larger battery, the whistleblower speaks of a capacity of 3,969 mAh.
  • Of course, the triple camera is also mentioned, as well as the persistence of Lightning and the elimination of 3D touch in the display.
  • In terms of capacities, the source names 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

A release of the new iPhone models is expected to September 20, 2019 – we reported. The corresponding AppleEvent is expected to take place on 9 or 10 September. As always, GIGA will be reporting live on the news.

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