Big buy in self-driving car from Toyota

One of the world’s largest automobile companies ToyotaOf course, we also attach great importance to autonomous, that is, driverless car systems. giving.

Because of this toyota, Uber rival Lyft the part of the company that develops autonomous / driverless car systems. 550 million dollars is buying.

Many companies that are not fundamentally automobile companies but invest in autonomous automobile systems have recently been selling these systems to real automobile companies.

For example, previously the part of Uber that developed autonomous driving systems was sold to Aurora. Autonomous, that is, driverless car systems, can be fully implemented by real car companies for now.

It is the company with the most advanced systems available in this regard. Tesla is located. in the field apple and Google Names like these are doing great work. Even Google carries passengers with self-driving vehicles.

Toyota is also interested in flying taxis alongside autonomous systems

However Toyota it is not yet developing a flying taxi directly within itself. Giant manufacturer made it Joby Aviation financially supports the company.

Joby Aviation, which received an investment of 590 million dollars in the past months and 394 million dollars of this from Toyota, is among the key names in the field.

As you can see, the giant company is taking a very logical step and wants to be included in all transportation sectors / fields it can enter.

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