Big step in the world of electric aircraft; “Order for 200 planes”

United Air The company is taking a really resounding step in the electric aircraft market. Firm to transform aviation with large order getting ready.

electric airplane work began to gain momentum. The name that brought the field to the agenda this time United Air, developing electric airplanes Heart Aerospace full from 200 electric planes announced that it will buy

This move is among the biggest orders we’ve seen in a long time in the space, and it’s making a lot of noise overall. Heart Aerospace signed airplanes are named ES-19 and only short flights (up to 400 km) is stated to be focused.

Long flights in the electric infrastructure do not seem very possible yet. For this, new generation battery technologies are needed.

Those who want to carry out short-haul flights at a much lower cost with the 19-seat electric planes they have ordered. United Air, With this step, he will have made a great progress in making aviation cleaner.

Many companies are working on electric aircraft.

Eviation, one of the most recent names we come across, is preparing for the flight test with its first electric modern aircraft in the luxury class. As reported, this plane called “Alice” 814 km range brings in and 820-kWh battery pack contains.

three pieces Magnix The aircraft, which has a signature propeller electric engine, is not very large due to its purpose and has a different design than its counterparts. Alice is said to be able to travel at a maximum speed of 407 km/h.

Electric city bike with a range of 50 km: Decathlon ELOPS 120E

It is stated to be very quiet due to its structure. Eviation Alice, It makes a sound because it is among the aircraft of the future.

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