Bill Gates explains why he uses Android phone instead of iPhone

Legendary founder of software giant Microsoft Bill Gatesa clubhouse Why are you using an Android phone instead of an iPhone in your chat? announced.

Bill Gates iPhone only (Android version will be released soon) made two important statements in the Clubhouse application. Now with his wifeGates FoundationGates, who does very important charitable works and other scientific works under ” He said he is using an Android phone. According to Gates, the reason behind this is that some Android manufacturers put Microsoft applications built into the phones. Gates states that this makes his life much easier. iPhones do not have Microsoft apps pre-installed. Who finds the flexibility of the connection between the software and the operating system better on the Android side Bill GatesHe saw the future of mobile in the Windows Phone operating system when he was actively involved at the beginning of Microsoft. But you know it didn’t come true and the market Android with iOSremained to.

Bill Gates recently made a bitcoin announcement.

Recently, Gates made an important warning for cryptocurrencies and said, “EIf you’re not as rich as Elon Musk, be careful.” he said. It is really necessary to be very, very careful in the cryptocurrency market. You know, there has been a big drop in the past few days. However, the market has now recovered.

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