BluTV raises subscription fees

digital broadcasting platform BluTVannounced that they have increased their subscription fees. Negative economic indicators bring hikes in every item.

According to the statement from BluTV, monthly subscription fee after the increase 49.90 TLthe annual subscription fee is monthly with 12 installments. 29.90 TL will be reflected as (The fee increase for monthly and annual memberships created before 20.09.2022 will be valid in the next payment renewal period.). The platform, which was reported to have gone up in price last June, has a serious user base in Turkey. In the meantime, there has been an increase in fees, but you don’t have to pay that much to use BluTV. Of course, we do not direct you to pirate sites here.

to the details here we place Hepsiburada Premium service within gift includes BluTV subscription. This package is monthly only. 9.90 TLcan be obtained. Premium in the package BluTV There are many other useful possibilities as well.

The last name on the agenda before this raise is Netflix had happened. For those who missed Netflix Turkey at the beginning of the year Basis 26.99 TL for the package, Standard It was 40.99 TL for the package and 54.99 TL for the Special package. These prices were subsequently increased.

Basic package for a long time 37.99 TLstandard package 57.99 TLif the special package is full 77.99 TL was sold as As of September 13, there was another significant increase in prices. Now the Basic package 45.99 TLstandard package 69,99 TLif the special package is full 93.99 TL located at the level.

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