Bom Prato creates an application to register homeless people in São Paulo

With the support of Microsoft technologies, the Bom Prato program is making available an application that aims to make meals possible for the symbolic price of R$1 for homeless residents in São Paulo. The application was created through the Power Apps platform, donated by Microsoft, and allows identification through a unique QR Code for each homeless person, which is then printed on a card.

The collection and insertion of information such as name, location and date of birth in the app are in charge of agents of the City Hall of São Paulo, which also distributes cards to those registered. All registration data and QR Codes are stored and managed in Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based business application suite.

For now, the collection of information and registration of homeless people takes place at three points: Largo da Concordia, Pateo do Collegio, and Praça Princesa Isabel. The CREAS (Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance) and the POP (Specialized Reference Center for the Homeless) will also carry out the registration. After the pilot phase in São Paulo, the expectation is that the gratuity will be extended to homeless people in other São Paulo municipalities.

“We are focused on supporting initiatives that benefit the population through technology. This project in partnership with Bom Prato is essential so that the homeless population can continue to have food at this very challenging time we are living and the use of technology it is fundamental for this to be done in an organized manner”, says Alessandra Karine, vice president of Public Sector at Microsoft Brazil.

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