Boston Dynamics is now officially a Hyundai company

With the robots it has prepared, it has always managed to attract attention. Boston Dynamicsafter all legal proceedings Hyundai under the roof entry.

Behind the world’s most advanced robots Boston Dynamicsoriginally to remember MYTH The internet giant came to life in 2013 when it attracted a lot of attention with its works, namely robots. Google was purchased by

The major robot manufacturer surprisingly headquartered in Japan in 2017. SoftBank entered under the umbrella of the firm. Robots under SoftBank to commercialize The company that started, is now a giant automobile manufacturer. Hyundai Bought by.

This development, which first appeared in the past months, has now become clearly official. Now the majority share of the company (80 percent) is in the hands of Hyundai. SoftBank is still Boston Dynamics will own a 20% stake.

Hyundai’s approximate value for this purchase $1.1 billion It is known that he overlooked a number. The video published by the automobile giant on this subject is right below:

Hyundai company Boston Dynamics has always been on the agenda with Spot lately.

Boston Dynamics signed robot dog Spot, you know, it has been “limited” obtainable since the middle of last year. In this respect, the robot, which increases its usage area, is then commercialized. started to be sold.

one of the most advanced in the world Spot The full fee for 74 thousand 500 dollars located at the level. Considering that the years of development and the number of sales will be low, the model, whose price is normal, is now actively working in many countries and is included in development programs.

Boston Dynamics company also has an incredibly advanced humanoid robot called Atlas. This robot has not yet become commercial. This is now expected by Hyundai.

What has the robot dog Spot done in the past year? The company gave the answer [Video]

South Korea-based Hyundai Boston Dynamics It should be noted that before, he showed an interest in the robot side and carried out studies in this field.

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