Boston Dynamics showcases 2 new robots that do gymnastics, open doors and more! (video)

Robotics engineering firm Boston Dynamics occasionally graces the internet with demonstrations of its advanced robots. This time it is a robot that shows very impressive and coordinated gymnastics abilities, considering that it is a machine.

Although the video is titled “Parkour Atlas”, the robot does not parkour. However, his movements are quite graceful from pinning to somersaults, ending in a pose worthy of a child playing in the park.

However, in late 2018, Boston Dynamics published a video of the robot (called Atlas) jumping over obstacles. The robot starts running and jumps over a log, making incremental jumps over 3 platforms.

How does the Atlas robot work?

Boston Dynamics has made a lot of progress in the development of this machine. The humanoid robot works with 28 hydraulic joints and parts printed on a 3D printer. These components give the Atlas great mobility and lightness. The dynamic robot weighs only 80 pounds. Regarding their movements, they are preprogrammed, just like the routines we saw in the videos.

Boston Dynamics is selling one of its robots

The engineering company today announced the announcement of Spot, a commercially available four-legged robot for businesses. According to Boston Dynamics, this robot can be used to monitor construction areas or inspect hazardous locations for human employees such as gas and electricity installations.

The video demonstrates Spot opening doors and walking over difficult terrain in a heap of rubble. In addition, Spot can return to its original position if it falls or loses balance. As the English phrase “What a time to be alive” says.

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