Brave browser launches into video conferencing with Brave Talk

brave talk © Brave

Brave launches into the video call. The browser has just acquired a functionality of videoconferencealways focused on one of its main principles: protecting the privacy of its users.

After passing the milestone of 36 million monthly active users this summer, Brave, the alternative web browser, continues to expand its services. The latest? A video conferencing function, in the form of video calls, aptly named Brave Talk. True to form, the browser created by Brendan Eich (the inventor of JavaScript) once again bases functionality on confidentiality.

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A free version and a version premium of Brave Talk offered to users

With Brave Talk (“Brave Together” in its beta testing phase), Brave promises privacy-based video conferencing functionality, without geolocation and with the ability for unlimited private video calls. Brave Talk, moreover directly included in the browser, does not require an additional application or download. Basically, you just need to open the desktop browser, and from a new tab, click on the little camera icon to go to the right page. Alternatively, it can be accessed via And if the call should be launched from Brave directly, then it is possible to join this call from any browser.

Note that Brave Talk offers two distinct offers to its users.

  • A first, free, which allows you to make one-to-one calls, unlimited in terms of number of calls and duration, (which is not the case with Zoom for the duration).
  • And a second, Brave Talk Premium, offered at 7 dollars per month, which allows you to record calls, mute certain participants, and initiate calls for three or more people…
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The free version of Brave Talk is also expected to arrive in the coming weeks for Android and iOS users. Others can already benefit from it.

Brave Talk © Brave

Source : Brave

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